Texas A&M Goes On Cowardly Copyright Spree To Try And Scrub Super Embarrassing Yell Leader Video From Internet

Texas A&M is trying to bury one of the most embarrassing traditions in college football while keeping an extremely cringeworthy moment from over the weekend off of the internet. It comes after the Aggies got whooped by Appalachian State on their home turf.

Every week, prior to games, Texas A&M holds the ‘Midnight Yell.’ It’s a special event that takes place either at Kyle Field or at a predetermined location on the road. All of the fans gather together to practice some of the chants that they are going to use during the game the next day.

Leading Texas A&M’s Midnight Yell are the Yell Leaders.

While the Midnight Yell is pretty cool, the Yell Leaders are not cool at all.

Texas A&M Aggies Yell Leaders App State Viral Video Scrub Internet Copyright Delete Twitter
Texas A&M’s Yell Leaders are the most cringeworthy tradition in college football.
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Before practicing the cheers with the fans, the Yell Leaders get up in front of them and try to get them fired up. To do so, they perform something of a stand-up set that disses the opponent. It is never funny.


And on Friday in particular, it was abhorrent. A Yell Leader by the name of Zac Cross couldn’t have been any less comical and he was extremely hypocritical in some of the quips that he threw out.

Then the Aggies lost to the Mountaineers.

When the lack of humor was combined with the upset loss, it made Cross’ performance just that much worse. In turn, a clip of the attempted roast went extremely viral.

It was everywhere on Twitter by Monday morning— but nowhere by Monday afternoon.

Texas A&M is trying to hide the evidence.

To try and scrub the extremely embarrassing video from the internet, Texas A&M started reporting the clips as copyright infringement. Twitter took them down as a result. It happened to multiple people on multiple accounts.

Anyone who posted the video had it “disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

Texas A&M University scrubs internet of cringeworthy Yell Leader video.

The move could not have been any more lame from the Aggies. They were getting absolutely flambéed for something that they brought upon themselves. Rather than accepting the harsh reality that the Yell Leaders are super uncomfortable and cringeworthy, they tried to hide it all together.

Fortunately, each and every Midnight Yell is streamed live on YouTube, so it still exists. Should Texas A&M chooses to take down Friday’s video, that would be the biggest weenie move in history.

This is the Aggies’ tradition. Shouldn’t it be embracing it instead of running from it?! It’s a tough look, but to be fair, I would be extremely embarrassed too. The difference is that I wouldn’t try to pretend that it didn’t happen, I just wouldn’t do it in the first place.

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