Tennis Player Takes A Break After Being Trolled For ‘Giant Boobs’

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Less than a year after making it to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon, which included a win over Coco Gauff, Amanda Anisimova is taking a break from tennis. The high of what she called “the most special day” of her career is officially over.

Anisimova is currently ranked No. 46 and has struggled this year on the court. A first-round loss at the Madrid Open a couple of weeks ago dropped her to 3-8 this season. She released a statement on Instagram about stepping away from the sport.

Tennis Player Amanda Anisimova Giant Boobs
Amanda Anisimova hits a shot during the first round of the Miami Open (Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

“Hey guys. I thought I’d make a post explaining what’s been going on and my plans,” she explained. “I’ve really been struggling with my mental health and burnout since the summer of 2022.”

“It’s become unbearable being at tennis tournaments. At this point my priority is my mental well-being and taking a break for some time. I’ve worked as hard as I could to push through it. I will miss being out there, and I appreciate all the continuous support.”

Anisimova’s break also comes after she was trolled for having “giant boobs.” The troll commented on one of her Instagram pics and said, “The most unathletic body ever! Narrow shoulders and giant boobs.”

Hopefully the troll’s comments, and the others she receives on a regular basis about her body, didn’t play a role in her stepping away. Having giant boobs is no reason to quit a sport; burnout on the other hand is a whole different story.

The 21-year-old seemed to laugh off the troll’s comments. So there’s hope she isn’t putting down the racket because of the size of her chest.

Anisimova Has A Future In Tennis One Way Or Another

She replied to the troll’s comments with a “Thank you” and a kissing emoji. Then shared the comment on her Instagram story with the following. “Idk what to think? lol.”

“The amount of people who comment on my body every day on social media… will never understand what the hyper fixation is about.”

Tennis Player Amanda Anisimova Giant Boobs
Pro tennis player trolled for having giant boobs (Image Credit: Amanda Anisimova/Instagram Story)

Let’s hope first and foremost that Anisimova is able to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. If she chooses to get back out on the court I hope she’s able to return to her pre-burnout form.

If competition is no longer for her then there’s probably a spot for her as a tennis influencer. She has a large following already, knows the game, and there’s no doubt she’d be able to make the transition seamlessly.

I’m sure Rachel Stuhlmann wouldn’t mind some help taking the sport of tennis to the next level.

Written by Sean Joseph

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