Taylor Swift Nearly Cut A Massive Deal With FTX To Sponsor Her Tour

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Taylor Swift’s latest tour has already been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons thanks to issues with Ticketmaster that frustrated her legions of fans.

As it turns out, things could have been much, much worse for Swift had she closed a rumored deal with bankrupt crypto exchange FTX and its embattled founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

According to the Financial Times, talks began in the fall of 2021. From there, they went on for several months before they crumbled earlier this year.

The plan was for FTX to get in on a ticketing idea in which fans would be offered NFTs. In exchange, FTX wanted Swift to do “a light degree of endorsement,” across her enormous social media accounts. However, it seems like that end of the bargain may have been a sticking point Swift is said to have never given much consideration.

One of the reasons the deal flamed out didn’t have anything to do with Swift’s willingness to hock some crypto. While Bankman-Fried was reportedly onboard with the deal, other members of upper management at FTX were concerned that the deal’s $100 million price tag was too much.

One executive even referred to to the huge price as “front-of-the-soccer-jersey-level prices.”

FTX Arena, home to the Miami Heat, is just one of the many deals people and groups associated with FTX are trying to get out of now that the company has gone bankrupt. (Matias J. Ocner/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Swift Dodged Quite The Headache By Not Partnering With FTX

Who knows if those folks were soothsayers or could already tell where the FTX ship was heading by that point?

As you’re no doubt aware, FTX went completely under, dragging a slew of celebrities, athletes, and teams with it.

Everyone from Tom Brady to Larry David to the Golden State Warriors has popped up as defendants in a series of class-action lawsuits.

But do you know whose name isn’t in any of those?

That’s right, Taylor Swift.

That’s some serious foresight on Swift and her team’s part to not get tangled up in the FTX mess.

Now the Ticketmaster mess?

They didn’t do such a great job avoiding that one…

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  1. The hoopla about the chaos surrounding tickets sales for Taylor Swift make her sound like a music superstar of a generation… she is not, she has a narrow fan base that seem to want to buy and scalp tickets at levels a small amount beyond the norm.

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