Sydney Sweeney Shares Some Looks From Drop 2 Of Her Love Letters Bikini Collection

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The summer is quickly becoming Sydney Sweeney’s and we haven’t even hit April yet. Earlier this month the Euphoria star announced that she had teamed up with Frankies Bikinis for her own swimsuit line.

Days later, drop one of her “Love Letters by Sydney Sweeney” came out and the internet wasn’t ready for her smoking hot swimwear/lingerie. That’s right, Sweeney swung for the fences with these bad boys. Her swimsuit line isn’t just for capturing sand at the beach.

Sydney Sweeney Swimsuit Line Frankies Bikinis
Sydney Sweeney attends the “Reality” premiere (Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)

Frankies website all but spells that out on their website. They describe the 25-year-old actresses line as, “Love Letters by Sydney Sweeney is inspired by the girl who follows her heart, with pieces that highlight Sydney’s gorgeous femininity and sweet romantic aura.”

“This collection introduces bombshell bikini tops made to tease, one pieces made to flatter, clothing designed to inspire confidence, and personal details from Sydney herself.”

There’s a lot of “femininity and sweet romantic aura” included. Drop one captured that and all the teasers from the photo shoots of drop two have done is build upon that.

In other words, the lingerie feel that was an undeniable part of the first drop is still alive and well with round two. Words can only do so much. I’ll let Sweeney herself convey the message.

Frankies Bikinis Hit A Home Run With This Collaboration

The love story, as Sweeney referred to it as, continues next week with the official drop. The teaser for drop one was a good straight jab to setup up the power punch that followed.

I expect these teasers to serve the same roll for next week’s official drop of the second batch of swimsuits.

I don’t know how many more drops of her collection there are, but with each one she cements herself among the greats who have made the decision to take over the internet for a weeks on end.

It’s one thing to collaborate on a swimsuit line and maybe model a couple of them here or there then sit back and collect the checks. It’s a whole different ballgame to do what Sweeney is doing.

She collaborated then went all in. She obviously wasn’t interested in kicking her feet up after pitching in on the designs. No, Sweeney made the conscious choice to own the line and in the process put her name in the hat for ownership of the summer.

That’s impressive. That’s a lost art in these days of instant gratification. Let’s hope for a hundred more drops and complete dominance by one Sydney Sweeney.

Written by Sean Joseph

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