Sydney Sweeney Gets Cozy In Back Seat With Bikini Model Francesca Aiello

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Sydney Sweeney refuses to take a break, and this time she’s enlisting the help of Frankies Bikini founder Francesca Aiello.

The Euphoria star launched her own bikini line last month, and has been dropping (not so) subtle bombs on the world ever since as she rolls out new merchandise. There was nothing subtle about Sweeney’s latest Instagram heater, though, which hit the internet like a 100 MPH fastball to the face.

It’s called a cherry bomb for a reason, you know.

Sydney Sweeney drops cherry bomb bikini line with Francesca Aiello

As OutKick’s Sean Joseph noted last week, it’s already the summer of Sydney Sweeney and it’s barely April. Can’t imagine the content we’re going to get come Memorial Day weekend.

Frankies dropped the bombshell news last month that Sweeney had come aboard, and their website describes her swimsuit line as “inspired by the girl who follows her heart, with pieces that highlight Sydney’s gorgeous femininity and sweet romantic aura.

“This collection introduces bombshell bikini tops made to tease, one pieces made to flatter, clothing designed to inspire confidence, and personal details from Sydney herself.”

Apparently our girl is a big fan of cherries. Who knew?

Mix in a little Francesca Aiello, toss ’em both in the back seat and you have an instant viral hit. It’s that easy when you know what you’re doing, and Sydney Sweeney clearly knows what she’s doing.

What an electric duo. Haven’t seen this much heat since Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling packed a punch back in the early-2000s.

Written by Zach Dean

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