Sydney Smith Enters Olivia Dunne-Breckie Hill Fight By Defending Her ‘Big Cannons’

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Worlds are officially colliding and we have big boobs to thank. Southern Connecticut State gymnast Sydney Smith — a rising star in the college influencer world — has seemingly entered the Olivia Dunne-Breckie Hill beef.

And it’s all in the name of defending her cannons.

Responding to a TikTok from Hill that’s making fun of people (Dunne?) who think big boobs are a hindrance for wannabe college gymnasts across the world, Smith takes a blowtorch to those same haters (Dunne??) with a 20-second rant that puts everyone in their place.

“I don’t know why this was brought up in the first place, but it kinda made me laugh, because that’s just not true at all,” Smith said.

Watch the entire rebuttal below:

Are Sydney Smith and Breckie Hill teaming up against Olivia Dunne?

It was only a matter of time before Sydney Smith entered the Dunne-Hill arena, and it appears we’ve reached critical hour.

Smith — a Nightcaps OG here at OutKick (thank you very much) — has been coming for months now, but has really cranked up the heat lately. Her TikTok following has skyrocketed thanks to a few eye-popping collabs with someone called Drip King, and she’s now over 1 million followers.

Big numbers — not anywhere close to Olivia Dunne’s 7.4 million — but an important milestone. It puts Sydney in the same atmosphere as Livvy, gives her the credibility to weigh in on matters like these, and gives her a voice.

And buddy, is she USING it!

Olivia Dunne versus Sydney Smith and Breckie Hill.
Olivia Dunne, Sydney Smith and Breckie Hill.

“It’s been kind of toxic because girls have felt like they need to look a certain way to be good at the sport,” she continued. “No matter how small, big or tall you are, you can still be good at gymnastics.

“Putting it into young athletes minds that they can’t do sick flips or get a full ride because they have a bigger chest size is horrible.”

Some digging tells me that insinuation is kinda-sorta from Olivia Dunne herself. At least that’s what the internet thinks, and, as you all know, what the internet says, goes.

If you click on Breckie Hill’s original TikTok here, the option to search “Livvy says cannons” pops up. You click on that bad boy and you’re taken to another wormhole filled with so many clues Scooby-Doo would have a field day.


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@breckiehill acknowledges comments calling her “Livvy Dunne with cannons” @bffspod

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So there you have it.

Breckie Hill’s made a name for herself by being known as “Livvy with cannons.” Dunne doesn’t like someone going around the internet streets showing off their big boobs and using Dunne’s NIL for her own personal gain, and Sydney Smith — an actual college gymnast herself — doesn’t like Dunne insinuating girls with big boobs can’t be successful gymnasts.

Whew. I think we did it!

Buckle up for whatever the hell is next. One thing’s for sure, though. Smith and Hill certainly seem to have formed an alliance here, which could lead to absolute chaos down the road.

“Facts,” Hill responded to Smith’s TikTok.

PS: you think Olivia Dunne cares about the sharks circling? Nope. Our girl spent last night at the Ole Miss game taking in a little baseball.


Olivia Dunne fends off haters Sydney Smith and Breckie Hill while at Ole Miss game.

Written by Zach Dean

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