Swingers Reveal The Jewelry Trend That Secretly Sends The Sex Signal

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Tired of having sex with just your wife and want to turn to a life of swinging? Better invest in a black wedding band! That’s right. According to a couple of experienced swingers, that’s the latest trend that discreetly says, ‘Yep, we’re ready to tangle!’

Liv and husband Gage opened up their marriage about five years ago when Liv admitted she was also into girls, and the two have since done a deep dive on the dos and don’ts.

And while pineapples are still very much in, if you see a guy donning a black rubber wedding ring, there’s a good chance his bedroom door is wide open.

“One sign is a black wedding ring on your right hand,” Gage told the Sun in a recent interview.

Black wedding rings are now in for swingers

Fascinating. You learn something new every day in this business.

I’ll be honest with you, I have a TON of friends who wear these. A ton. Have I been duped this whole time?

I thought guys just wore them when they went to the gym or if they worked construction, etc. Little did I know they were sending secret messages to my wife.

What a world. Sounds like I’m gonna have to have some tough conversations here pretty soon.

Anyway, Liv and Gage sound like they would certainly know. The happy couple got married as high school sweethearts, stayed true to each other for five years before Liv came out.

Then, they said, it was game on in their sex world.

“Some people go dancing together, some people go to the gym together, and swinging is our little hobby,” Liv said. “We love the lifestyle. We were shocked at how many people out there are meeting up with other couples. It really is common.”

Swingers say black wedding ring screams open sex
Gage and Liv are big swingers!

While the black wedding ring is apparently the new sex signal, the pineapple is still the easiest way to discreetly pass along your swinging message. As they say, the classics still hold up!

Liv said she even wears a pineapple necklace to get her code across.

“It’s a way to wear a sign discreetly, so it might be a necklace or anklet with a pineapple, and that’s usually code that they are into the lifestyle, although you have to be careful how you ask,” she said.

“On a recent holiday in Cancun, Mexico, there was a woman in a full-on pineapple dress and a man with pineapple shorts and a pineapple shirt, so they were obviously into it.”

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