Sunny Hostin Of ‘The View’ Hasn’t Been To Grocery Store Since Start Of Covid

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Sunny Hostin has not been to a grocery store since the start of the pandemic. She now relies on the help to deliver her products.

“I don’t like a supermarket. I haven’t been in a supermarket since COVID — for about three years,” she told her “View” co-hosts. 

“That’s when I discovered Instacart. And I give them a big tip because they don’t always pay their people well. And it’s — So, that’s been an issue I think for the company,” Hostin continued. “But man, you can get toiletries, you can get fire logs, you know, those big Bounty towels you don’t want to carry.”

Here’s the full clip:

A millionaire television need not risk the virus when minimum wage workers are on duty.

There is not a more out-of-touch woman on television than Hostin.

Reminder: She is the one who likened white women who vote Republican to “roaches voting for Raid” last November.

She is the preachiest of the bunch. She advises viewers on how to live their lives. She holds herself up as a hero, and sometimes a victim.

She is neither.

“So she’s scared of COVID, but totally willing to let one of the poors risk their life on her behalf. *chef’s kiss*,” tweeted Mark Hemingway.

Well said.

Perhaps the best response to the segment came via a user (h/t The Blaze) who gave readers a glimpse into Hostin’s home life:

“I’m so afraid of COVID that I have the butler and maid hosed down with disinfectant twice a day. It’s expensive, but I’m worth it,”

Sunny Hostin on “The View.”

It’s unclear if Hostin is still afraid of Covid, or if she’s too rich to waste her time. But the former remains a possibility.

No show spreads more baseless Covid fear than “The View.” And the ladies seem to have fallen for their own hysteria.

It wasn’t until last week the show again allowed in-studio attendees to breathe freely without masks. “The View” lifted its mask mandate in March of 2023.

As we explained in a recent column, the majority of Americans did not consume honest information during the pandemic.

Instead, they relied on the “experts” and corporate journalists. Thereby they were fed chapters of lies on the virus, masks, vaccines, and how to prevent the spread.

Sunny Hostin seems like the type of chick who consumed it all, the type of vulnerable sponge who’s afraid to go to the supermarket three years later.

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