The View Finally Allows Attendees To Take Off Masks

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The View now allows in-studio attendees to breathe freely without masks.

Audience members can watch the cackling hags maskless for the first time since the start of a pandemic that began three years ago.

The ladies celebrated the policy change Monday, with Whoopi Goldberg commenting:

“Look at y’all sitting up here with no masks on. Wait a minute now. So I’m talking and in my mind I’m going what is different about this audience? And then it hits me. No masks. Because I saw your smile and I saw your teeth.

“It’s like great. Well, yeah, we’re getting back to where we were.”

Social media users rightfully mocked the change, coming at least 18 months after such a policy was last certifiably sane.

Fitting is to see The View hold onto mask-wearing for so long. The program long demanded mandates despite evidence that masks had no impact on preventing the spread.

Last year, New York Times acknowledged a study that confirmed mask-wearing had no statistical impact in preventing infection.

Other studies confirmed there was no substantial difference in Covid rates between schools with and without mask mandates.

The Times reiterated said point two weeks ago, penning the following conclusion:

“These observations don’t come from just anywhere. Jefferson and 11 colleagues conducted the study for Cochrane, a British nonprofit that is widely considered the gold standard for its reviews of health care data. The conclusions were based on 78 randomized controlled trials, six of them during the Covid pandemic, with a total of 610,872 participants in multiple countries. And they track what has been widely observed in the United States: States with mask mandates fared no better against Covid than those without.”

That said, we don’t share sympathy for View attendees who had had to breathe unnaturally the past few years. They might have chosen to keep their masks on anyway. A Daily Mail report found that the ugly are more likely to still be wearing their masks, years later.

We instead sympathize with the film staffers who must still acquiesce with baseless Covid protocols. Actor Woody Harrelson says studios still demand staffers — often low-paid — to #MaskUp, #VaxUp, and #BoostUp in 2023.

The pandemic proved the power of deception, culminating with lies for which the less intelligent fell. The latter includes The View and their in-studio guests.

Written by Bobby Burack

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