Stugotz’s Horrific Take About Patrick Mahomes Goes Viral After He Wins His Second Super Bowl

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Just like every other NFL prospect in the history of the league, Patrick Mahomes had his believers and his doubters before the Kansas City Chiefs drafted him 10th overall in 2017. Jon ‘Stugotz’ Weiner, also known as Dan Le Batard’s No. 2, wasn’t just a doubter of Mahomes, he was a bonafide hater.

While plenty of people paid to talk about sports spewed spicy takes about the Texas Tech product, nobody’s take about Mahomes has aged worse than Stugotz’s.


Now that Mahomes is the proud owner of two Super Bowl rings at the age of only 27, Stugotz’s rant about the young QB is making the rounds again.

During a 2017 episode of his show with Le Batard, Stugotz dared Andy Reid to bench then starter Alex Smith for Mahomes.

“Go ahead, Andy Reid, I dare you to go 14-2 and allow Alex Smith to leave Arrowhead Stadium, to leave Kansas City. Go ahead, I dare you. Because of Patrick Mahomes. Because you think you can turn Patrick Mahomes into something that Alex Smith is not. Alex Smith is a very good quarterback,” Stugotz shouted.

“The audacity! First off, to do this to Alex Smith, who has been very good and loyal to Andy Reid and won him a lot of football games. To dangle Patrick Mahomes out there because Andy Reid thinks he’s some sort of quarterback whisperer, which he is not.”

Stugotz has been talking about sports for multiple hours a day for nearly 20 years now, anyone in that same position is going to say some stupid things, but it’s tough to think about a sports opinion that’s aged worse than this one.

It’s also both easy and fun to call out Stugotz because he’s attached at the hip to Le Batard, who is the definition of insufferable.

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  1. And so what? Nobody knew Mahomes was who he was at the time…except Reid. It WAS a risk, it seemed, trading Smith for Mahomes but it worked out. I guess sports analysts are supposed to have time machines to know if their takes will age well or not. So stupid.

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