Ryan Fitzpatrick Gets Frustrated With Dan Le Batard, Stugotz For Asking Dumb Question

Ryan Fitzpatrick made the bold decision to join ‘The Dan Le Batard Show’ and inevitably get asked ridiculous questions by Le Batard, Stugotz, and the seven other ‘co-hosts’ of the show. When the dumb question came, the former NFL quarterback didn’t appreciate it.

When Le Batard and his gang aren’t talking about woke politics, how racist the country is, or ambushing Michelle Tafoya because she enjoys free speech, they sometimes welcome former athletes on the show.


It’s safe to say Fitzpatrick won’t be returning to their airwaves anytime soon.

To paint the picture here we have to go back to the 2021 NFL season. Fitzpatrick inked a one-year deal with the Washington Commanders but suffered what turned out to be a season-ending hip injury in Week 1.

Following the injury, a local radio listener called into 1067 The Fan and alleged Fitzpatrick didn’t hurt his hip playing football, but actually got hurt by going down a water slide before the season started.

For a random person calling into a radio show, the story got strong national attention, relatively speaking.


It turns out that Stugotz, whose real name is Jon Weiner, didn’t forget about the water slide story. After some tongue-in-cheek comments, Stugotz asked: “Did your career end on a waterslide?”

Fitzpatrick explained that the story was false before getting frustrated with the Le Batard clan.

“I think you already knew the answer to that question,” Fitzpatrick said. “I know that it’s funny, and light, but you give a rumor some more breath, it’s silly and that never happened.”

Things took an even worse turn when Le Batard – the grown man dressed up as WWE star Kane – asked Fitzpatrick how he attacks going down a water slide.

Fitzpatrick asking to “move on to something else” is the exact reaction Le Batard and the others wanted.

The worst part of the entire segment is that after they all laugh at Fitzpatrick, they continue to talk trash about him while he’s still on the line.

How dare Fitzpatrick stand up to Le Batard and his cronies.

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Written by Mark Harris


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  1. Man, I really don’t get the appeal of this show but I guess they do well enough with their niche audience to generate revenue. Nothing wrong with keeping it light and appealing to humor but their delivery is terrible. Stugotz is a talentless hack, only relevant because he eats off of Dan.

  2. First, it’s obvious that none of the individuals on that “show” have ever spent a night at a Holiday Inn Express.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is a very intelligent man and deserves the respect he’s received from most sports fans. His $30million net worth is 1000 time more than the net worth of all 7 of those d-bags.

    Why would any individual of any intelligence go on that “show”? Hell, I’d question if even Cam Newton went on that show.

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