Professional Woke Troll Dan Le Batard Tells OutKick To ‘F-ck All The Way Off’

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Dan Le Batard has been in sports media longer than I’ve been alive. You would think that he would’ve developed a thick skin over all these years. But not so. Le Batard’s undoubtedly the softest of the talking heads who get paid millions of dollars to speak into a microphone for a few hours a day.

The 50-something-year-old doesn’t take well to criticism. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Le Batard is a member of the holier-than-thou woke media mob.

He practices the ideology that it’s fine for him and his like-minded friends to call out anyone they disagree with. But the moment someone criticizes him, Le Batard all of the sudden forgets free speech exists. That’s about when he starts talking like a 13-year-old who just learned about curse words.

dan le batard
Dan Le Batard.

Le Batard’s latest example of childish behavior came in his reaction to some words I wrote about him here at OutKick.

A quick summary of the story is that former NFL QB Ryan Fitzpatrick recently joined Le Batard’s show. Le Batard, his co-host Stugotz, and the seven other folks who just kind of sit in a room to laugh at Le Batard’s bad jokes, asked Fitzpatrick two dumb questions.

Fitzpatrick politely asked them to move on from the topic. Le Batard and his crew reacted to Fitzpatrick’s request as if they had just seen Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction for the first time.

Le Batard couldn’t fathom that I criticized him, Stugotz, and his team. So he told OutKick to “f–k all the way off.”

This begs the question: Is there a way to “f–k halfway off?”

Unbeknownst to him, Le Batard just earned himself entry into OutKick’s 2023 Woke All-Star Challenge. It’s early, but he’ll likely be a tough out.

Dan Le Batard Is Disconnected From Reality

OutKick prides itself on using common sense and being fearless with the words we write, so of course Le Batard doesn’t like us. He hasn’t lived in reality in more than a decade. And his common sense is long gone. Le Batard is slowly following in the footsteps of his fellow ex-ESPN employee Keith Olbermann, to no surprise.

If you’re looking to catch up on Le Batard’s stupidity-filled actions, we’ve been saving the receipts.

Le Batard has made a career out of being a professional troll. But that doesn’t make him right about everything, and it certainly doesn’t mean he’s free from criticism when warranted. He’s paid millions to routinely criticize others. And now the shoe’s on the other foot, and he doesn’t like the fit.

He confirmed this today and also that he’s an OutKick reader. Thanks for the click, Dan.

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