Stop Calling Shaq A Celebrity, He Denounced That Decades Ago

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Do not, under any circumstances call Shaq the C-word.

… No, not that one. We’re talking about the word “celebrity.”

Shaq spoke to People and said he swore off that term decades ago because he didn’t want to be associated with them.

“I denounced myself from being a celebrity thirty years ago because a lot of celebrities are a–holes,” he told People.

“I don’t want to be in that category. I’d rather demote myself to being just a regular person before you call me a celebrity and put me in the category of those jerk-offs.”

Makes sense, but unfortunately, celebrity isn’t a term that’s up to you. You either are or you aren’t, and it’s for everyone else to decide. The same rule applies when handing out the title of MILF.

Shaquille O'Neal and Ben Affleck
Shaq had some harsh words for celebrities but he seems cool with Ben Affleck. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Shaq Talks Working With Celebrities (Remember, He Is Not One)

Most of us would probably feel the same way Shaq does about celebrities. The only difference is we don’t have to work with or go to parties with “those jerk-offs” as frequently as Shaq does.

Still, while he does it more frequently, it doesn’t mean he enjoys it.

“I don’t like to work with celebrities because celebrities are crazy, so I just like to work with people,” he explained.

People asked Shaq about a “celebrity” he worked with, but for some reason asked about his time working with meme sensation Bad Luck Brian. Shaq did some commercials for The General Insurance, and he had nothing but praise for him.

“He was a very nice guy,” Shaq said. “People are saying ‘internet celebrities,’ but I don’t want to use those terms in this. He was nice, I was nice, and his story is an amazing story, how he became the sensation that he is.”

I’m not sure what story that is aside from looking dorky in a picture. Then again it got him a gig in a commercial with Shaq. Perhaps it is quite the rags-to-riches tale.

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