SHAQ On Pacman Jones Beating Up Airport Employee: ‘He Was Really Sticking Up For Me’

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Remember back in 2018 when Pacman Jones brawled with an employee at the Atlanta airport? Now we finally know why.

In case you need a refresher, here’s a video of the incident.

Nearly five years later, we’re finally getting the full story.

Pacman appeared on “The Pat McAfeee Show” Tuesday, and Shaquille O’Neal also called in as a guest.

“The statute of limitations is up,” Shaq said.

He can finally tell the story.

“Remember when Pacman had that altercation in the airport? He was really sticking up for me,” Shaq said.

While they didn’t elaborate on exactly what was said before the cameras started rolling, it seems that employee somehow disrespected the former NBA superstar. And Pacman β€” being the stand-up guy he is β€” came to the defense of his gigantic friend.

“Pacman just said, β€˜Hey man, you don’t talk to Shaq like that,'” Shaq said. “I had to get on my plane, and next thing I know, Pacman put them paws on ’em.”

Pacman has a long history of legal troubles, and he’s been arrested a handful of times for assault. But I guess we now have to assume β€” in every single incident β€” he was probably just defending someone’s honor.

“You whooped that dude’s ass because he was disrespecting me,” Shaq said. “I appreciate you very much.”

Salute, Pacman.

Written by Amber Harding

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