Shaq Tells Keith Olbermann ‘Shut Your Dumb A– Up’ For Ripping Angel Reese

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Keith Olbermann is trying to bully people on Twitter again.

When LSU beat Iowa during Sunday’s women’s NCAA title game, LSU’s Angel Reese taunted Iowa star Caitlin Clark by pointing at the finger where her championship ring will go.

Shaq Tells Keith Olbermann 'Shut Your Dumb A-- Up' For Ripping Angel Reese
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Some applauded Reese for giving Clark, a notorious trash talker, a taste of her own medicine. But others — like our favorite unhinged sports commentator —did not approve.

“What a f-cking idiot,” Olbermann tweeted.

Coincidentally, that’s also what we all say every time Keith Olbermann speaks.

Regardless of your thoughts on Reese’s actions, I think we can all agree publicly calling her a “f-cking idiot” is out of line and wildly unnecessary. But then again, that’s what we’ve come to expect from Olbermann — the ultimate Twitter tough guy.

So that’s why it was extra awesome when Shaquille O’Neal fired back.

“shut your dumb ass up leave angel reese alone,” Shaq told Olbermann.

Shaq out here doing the Lord’s work.

But Shaq wasn’t the only one who jumped on Olbermann. Thousands of Twitter users invited him to bring that same energy to Caitlin Clark, too. Clark has made headlines during the tournament for her “can’t see me” taunts and even waving off a South Carolina player.

And that’s when Olbermann admitted he actually had no idea what he was talking about.

“I apologize for being uninformed last night about the back story on this,” he tweeted. “I don’t follow hoops, college or pro, men or women. I had no idea about Clark. Both were wrong.”

Shaq Tells Keith Olbermann 'Shut Your Dumb A-- Up' For Ripping Angel Reese

In other words, “I have no knowledge of the situation, and I didn’t bother to do any research. I just lashed out at a 20-year-old woman for no reason. But I still think I’m right.”

Classic Keith Olbermann.

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