Stetson Bennett Fires Back Over Cell Phone Controversy, Says He Was Just Playing Bangers

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Stetson Bennett fired back at a local radio host this week after he was accused of dodging the media and spending a majority of last Saturday’s Georgia Bulldogs championship parade on his phone.

Guess what, buddy? Old man Stetson was just trying to play some “bangers” so he and his boys could enjoy one final ride together before going off into the miserable real world.


Stetson Bennett not happy with cell phone accusations

“I was controlling the aux and playing bangers” is one hell of a line from two-time national champ Stetson Bennett. Guy is a Georgia legend, but he’s not too big to play DJ during the party.

That’s my #QB1.

The backstory here – and I’ll make it brief since Stetson posted a novel on Twitter – is that Bennett was called out for basically shunning the media last weekend.

The two have had a contentious relationship this season – which seems weird since Georgia was so obviously never going to lose a game – and Stetson made sure to get a couple last digs in before declaring for the NFL Draft.

Ruthless here from Stetson Bennett. Just had ZERO interest in that interview whatsoever. None.

Of course, the optics weren’t great to some, and Bennett was quickly called out by Atlanta radio personality Steak Shapiro, as you can see in the above tweet.

“Cell…?? phone…?? I’m afraid I’m too old to understand the latest technology,” Bennett fired back, clearly referring to all the haters out there who think he’s too old to be dominating in college football.

“Mr Med Rare: One phone was mine. One phone was connected to the Bluetooth. Mine had the playlists. The other had the aux,” he continued before going on an absolute RANT that I won’t even pretend to try and transcribe.

Stetson Bennett fires back over cell phone controversy.
Stetson Bennett doesn’t have time for the media’s nonsense.

“To finish it off nice and neat: I was controlling the aux and playing bangers so sed and Chris and I could have a blast on our last ride into Sanford. That’s pretty much the gist of it,” he (eventually) concluded.

“P.s.: I don’t like you very much mr Steak ‘and shake’ Shapiro. But to be fair, I’m not a fan of your work either.”

Things took a bit of a weird turn there at the end, but simply telling someone “I don’t like you very much” is laugh-out-loud funny. No coming back from that.

All hail Stetson!

Written by Zach Dean

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