Stephen A. Smith Asks The NFL To Make Sure The Next Washington Commanders Owner Is Black

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Stephen A. Smith reacted to the news on Wednesday that Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder would explore selling the team. Smith, in his usual form, instinctively injected race into the topic.

“It’s time for black ownership,” Smith said immediately upon learning the news on First Take. “I know the lady — I think her name is Mellody Hobson — is a part owner for the Denver Broncos, if I remember correctly, I hope I’m not wrong about that. I’m not sure. I’m talking about a majority owner of a National Football League franchise that happens to be a black person. That would be nice.”

Smith says the NFL should forget the person with the highest bid, and mandate the next owner of the Commanders was born with a certain skin color. It’s called fighting racism, people.

Stephen A. prefers the NFL reach out to Jay-Z and Beyonce, in particular.

“Lord knows how much money they’re worth. You’re talking about groups of individuals that could coalesce, and come together, and really collaborate and combine their resources to ultimately own franchises throughout the National Football League. Why can’t that be the case when we’re talking about African-American representation from an ownership standpoint?”

Stephen A. SmithStephen A. Smith getting ready to race-bait.

Later in the segment, he revealed his fear the NFL could work to conspire a way to keep ownership out of the hands of black people.

“Everybody needs to understand and be reminded that you can have all the money in the world, and the National Football League, meaning the board of governors ownership group, they still don’t have to let you in,” Smith continues. “They can still keep you out. What we’re saying is, it’s far time that they let African-Americans in.”

What evidence does Smith have that the NFL had not previously let black owners in for equal or higher bids? He has none.

He has as much evidence as when he said the NBA was protecting Steve Nash on account of his whiteness and punishing Ime Udoka for his blackness. In case you hadn’t heard, the Nets plan to hire Udoka despite his suspension to replace fired white guy Steve Nash.

Stephen A, like much of ESPN, sees only skin color. No matter the topic he shouts that the crux of the story is an injustice in favor of white folks.

We examined his character change last month:

“Half of Smith’s entire schtick at this point is playing a game of Whataboutism. He takes every story and asks how the coverage would differ if the subject were of the opposite skin color.”

Stephen A. Smith Names The 'Worst' Athlete To Interview In Sports (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

In October, Smith accused the uber-woke sports media of being apologists for white athletes. No, seriously.

He concluded his segment on Dan Snyder by arguing a black owner would solve the NFL’s issues with racism.

“Maybe if there were black owners, more issues would be addressed more poignantly, more transparency would exist.”

Stephen A. Smith wants a league that is nearly 70% black to address its discrimination immediately. 

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  1. If Stephen A. cries racism and nobody is there to hear it, did it really happen?

    I’m okay with Stephen A. I don’t go out of my way to listen to him, but by now everyone should know its a shtick. He has actually made a number of valid and consistent arguments showing he understands what true racism is versus the fake outrage, for instance the Jussie Smollet debacle. This is carnival barking for pageviews, nothing more.

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