Stefon Diggs Chooses Coachella Over Voluntary Workouts And Bills Fans Lose Their Minds

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Pause your Super Bowl plans Bills fans. 2,600 miles away from Buffalo, in Indio, California, wide receiver Stefon Diggs killed any chances of the ’23-24 Bills hoisting Lombardi.

You see, Diggs chose music over voluntary workouts with his Buffalo brethren this week.

Four months prior to NFL kickoff.

The audacity!

On Wednesday, Stefon Diggs posted a series of photos to his Instagram account from Coachella. He captioned the photos: “In the desert losing track of time, but gaining peace so it’s worth it #coachella2023”

My gosh, Jim Kelly and Andre Reed would never!

That post sent Bills fans off the rails. They’re super concerned that the three-time Pro Bowler missed a few days of voluntary workouts with some, not all, of his Bills teammates. How can this team compete for a championship if their top wideout isn’t alternating lunges and triceps pulldowns inside the Bills’ facility during a Wednesday afternoon in April!?!

Bills Fans Weren’t Happy Stefon Diggs Was At Coachella

Plenty of social media users, presumably Bills fans, were quick to chime in with equal parts of disgust and worry. Check out these IG comments on Diggs’ post:

93% of the team is in Buffalo getting ready…’re in the desert? – kiki_t_r_g

Good to see you at OTA a with the best players on the team I’m sorry most committed.” -sovajimmy

The following typo-filled reply to Diggs’ Coachella IG post was my personal favorite. They even noted in their scathing reply that what Stefon Diggs is missing is, in fact, voluntary.

You want us to care about your peace, when you skipping a voluntary practice as a captain. Like tou know you skipped practice, but you’re trying to say that at least you’re finding peace. Try not being a millionaire, I wonder how peaceful it would be… You gain peace when you show up at work, being that over a million people look up to you.” – steps_in_progress

Remove the C from his jersey immediately!

Now that the Bills’ season is over before it began, we can at least laugh at this shot from Instagram user nick.duquette.7: “could be working out with your team. but youre off wearing purses and lady’s pants.

Admittedly, “lady’s pants” is a nice touch.

Stefon Diggs has Bills fans upset because he went to Coachella. (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images).

Stefon Diggs Is Under Contract Through 2026

And I’m not here to knock Bills Mafia, I know better than that. But if they’re going to ask Diggs to toss on a Buffalo hoodie and pound out some voluntary sets on the bench, the least they could do is polish up their grammar. Based on their social media replies, it needs more work than the team’s leaky offensive line.

Regardless, Diggs is plenty free to enjoy the sounds of Coachella acts Bad Bunny, Charli XCX, Blink-182 (hey, I know them!) and a bunch of performers I’ve never heard of.

Buffalo’s offseason program opened Monday and consists only of limited meetings, strength and conditioning and physical therapy/rehab for those who need it. Per the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, this is voluntary.

Not feeling like stretching in Buffalo with a bunch of dudes? No problem. It’s not required.

So enjoy Coachella, Stefon, there’ll be plenty more seasons to go ring chasing. That we know. Another Charli XCX Coachella performance? Don’t be so sure.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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