Stefon Diggs Shows Off Crazy Hops After Pulling Up To Famous NYC Basketball Court, Cooking Defender To A Crisp

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Stefon Diggs is coming off of his fifth-straight 1,000-yard season and continues to be one of the best pass-catchers in the NFL. Although his dominance on the gridiron is well-documented through numbers and wins, the 29-year-old is also nice with it on the hardwood.

Diggs, a former five-star recruit, played football in the fall and ran track during the offseason at Our Lady of Good Counsel high school in Maryland. He wasn’t a two-sport star in college or anything like that.

Basketball has never been Stefon Diggs’ full-time thing, he’s just like that.

Diggs was in New York City over the weekend and linked up with NBA skills trainer Chris Brickley. They went over to the famous Summit NYC gym, where many top hoopers have played before, and put some unsuspecting challengers to work.

Imagine heading over to run some 5s at the local court and getting tasked with guarding Diggs?!

In a video from the workout, which conveniently didn’t show any misses, the Bills star got after it. He hit a few step-backs, went to the rim with a reverse layup, knocked down a nice turnaround fadeaway, and drained a deep triple from range. Even the on-ball defender couldn’t do anything but concede.

Perhaps most impressively, though, Diggs threw down an emphatic dunk at only 6-foot, 190 pounds. The jam required him to get up like he does while pulling down one-handed grabs in the open field.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Diggs go to work on a basketball court. Both Diggs brothers have skills.

And they go at each other a lot.

It gets competitive!

Stefon is also known to show up at various pick-up games from time to time.

If the whole NFL thing doesn’t work out, which it seems to be going just fine, perhaps Diggs could make the switch basketball? He might be undersized, but he’s got the handles and the touch!

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