Steelers LB Vince Williams Wants Big Ben Upright, Fed Up With Social Justice ‘Publicity Stunts’

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Steelers linebacker Vince Williams said this week during an Instagram Live that he was “under the impression that you could put whatever you want on your helmet,” which is an interesting statement after the organization announced Monday that players were unified on their stance to wear Antwon Rose Jr.’s name on their helmets for the entire 2020 season.

That soon fell apart as offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva broke ranks and put Silver Star awardee Alwyn Cashe’s name on his helmet and now more voices on the team are coming forward to push back against the narrative coming from the front office. Maurkice Pouncey made his voice heard. Minkah Fitzpatrick is on record saying the Rose helmet sticker call was made by someone “upstairs” and the players “barely” discussed it. Even the owner, Art Rooney II, had to release a statement as this Rose helmet sticker fiasco kept growing legs.

And there was Vince Williams, in his eighth year with the Steelers, answering questions Wednesday on IG Live, revealing that he didn’t even look at the back of his helmet.

“I don’t care what Al had on the back of his helmet,” Williams said to viewers. “He could’ve put that sh*t on the front of his helmet. I don’t really care at all. As long as he is lining up at left tackle and he’s blocking people and Big Ben’s upright and we don’t have to go through another Ben-less season. I don’t give a damn if he wore a baseball helmet. I could care less.”

“It’s none of my business. Just show up to play football and let’s kick ass and go about our day.”

Williams said he’s not into statements, helmet stickers, and the awareness t-shirts.

“Doing all the publicity stunts and stuff for the media, that’s cool. I guess you have to get attention for the voiceless, but these people really need help out here,” he said.

“Kids really need help. I feel like I’m going to do more in my community by giving away laptops and Chromebooks and making sure people got the equipment they need to go back to school than a t-shirt could ever do. What is a t-shirt going to do?”

To do his part, Williams said he’s giving out the following to kids going back to school:

  • 500 laptops
  • 150 Chromebooks
  • backpacks and PPE gear

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

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  1. AMEN to Vince Williams. It really is about the kids, especially those who live in a situation where it is not possible to afford the luxury of a computer and other school necessities. This is a step towards real social justice rather than “wearing a label”. This action speaks louder than words. Thank you Vince, maybe others will follow your example. If we could only work on keeping the nuclear family together.

  2. “What is a t-shirt gonna do?” Ask LeQueen. He thinks t-shirts will solve everything. Especially, if they’re made in concentration camps.

    Mr. Williams stock just doubled in my book. Good Friday story!

  3. Good for Vince Williams! The man thinks for himself and is choosing to take action as opposed to race baiting gestures. Helping kids! I love it!……It really seems like the NFL (unlike the NBA which I absolutely refuse to watch) has more and more players who actually do care about making a positive impact. …If I do return to watching sports, it will most likely be the NFL

  4. Jim said it first (up top) but…AMEN to Vince Williams!!!
    He’s got his heart and head working as one…by giving young students the tools to succeed in life!!!

    Vince: “What is a T-shirt gonna do? … I’m just trying to help my community.”
    SO TRUE !!!

  5. What did we learn?

    We learned that the players just want to play – I think.

    We learned that the Rooney’s run their franchise the way they run their franchise and that is that.

    We learned that a ‘big benless’ season is frowned upon.

    We learned that the Steelers show is Bug Bens show.

  6. This is the true Steelers grit! Action not just empty words, this NFL player gets it. What a breath of fresh air, I’ve been a Steelers fan since I was 7 years old, I was becoming very troubled with the narrative from teams imposing on it’s players. I am glad to see there are independent thinkers🏈

  7. This opinion needs to continue gaining steam. I want to hear ONE pro jock push back and advocate for the #1 solution to racial/social injustice being stronger fathers in the home, and to stay committed to a partner when you have kids with them. Just ONE because you will see a storm of support for that person and the Democrat/Marxist left will lose their mind, which is beginning to become my favorite sport.

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