Suzann Pettersen, Laura Davies Defend Tiger Woods Over Tampon Incident

Suzann Pettersen and Laura Davies -- two female golfers with six major championships between them -- don't care that the media is saying that every woman on the planet should be offended by Tiger Woods' tampon joke with Justin Thomas. The two of them are defending Woods while others are too scared to do so.

Pettersen and Davies possess this thing called common sense, something most in today's world are lacking.


Pettersen recognizes that Woods handing Thomas a tampon after out-driving him was simply a joke between two good friends.

"I don't know Justin Thomas as well, but I know kind of Tiger's humor and that's a very probably boyish joke between the two of them and I don't really take it too personal," Pettersen told Sky Sports.

"I think that was supposed to be a gag between the two of them and unfortunately some cameras caught it in the heat of the moment. I don't know, I don't think he meant to be offensive in any way."

"I'm pretty easy on stuff like that. I'm sure it was meant as a joke, not as a harassment to women in general."

Davies echoed Pettersen's thoughts about the situation explaining it was a "misplaced joke" and that "I personally am not offended by it."

Despite these two legendary females defending him, don't expect to see the likes of USA Today's Christine Brennan or anyone else who called Woods a misogynist go back on their clickbait comments.

Brennan made the claim that Woods' tampon joke could keep girls from ever playing the sport of golf, yet here we have two legends of the game defending him.

This is just the latest example of the liberal media attacking a man for doing anything that one person in the world may take offense.

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