Stephen A. Smith Sends Ja Morant's Dad Blunt Message: 'You're Not One Of His Boys'

Stephen A. Smith wants to see Ja Morant's father, Tee, do a little more parenting.

The embattled Memphis Grizzlies star guard is away from the team for at least a pair of games after flashing a gun on an Instagram Live stream. It was just the latest embarrassing moment for the 23-year-old NBA sensation.

He's previously been accused of being in a vehicle carrying someone who flashed a gun at members of the Pacers, and he's been accused of punching a teenager multiple times and also flashing a gun in that same incident.

Stephen A. Smith thinks Tee Morant needs to stop trying to be Ja Morant's friend and start being his father.

"I'm simply trying to highlight and illuminate to Tee Morant the importance of him being a dad. You raised him. You helped get him to this point. Make sure that you don't let anybody get in the way of what he is on the verge of accomplishing. Make sure you do your part in protecting him instead of joining in to have a good time like you're one of his boys. You're not one of his boys. You're his dad," the famous ESPN host said in a video he tweeted Monday.

Stephen A. Smith is correct about Ja Morant and his dad Tee.

It's interesting these comments from Smith come shortly after we published a piece here at OutKick about Shaq defending Deion Sanders' recruiting comments.

Shaq said Deion didn't do anything wrong, and most importantly, he correctly pointed out young males need strong disciplinary role models. Otherwise, they run the risk of causing problems.

Does anyone think Ja Morant is fearful of what his dad might do to him? Tee Morant literally got into a verbal altercation with Shannon Sharpe during a game not that long ago. If that's the behavior you see out of your father, why wouldn't you think rules don't apply to you?

Right now, it appears Ja Morant might not be surrounded by the best influences. That might sound harsh but it's true.

Look at the allegations he's facing. He was allegedly in a vehicle carrying someone who flashed a gun at Pacers players, he allegedly beat up a teenager and he later flashed a gun on a live stream.

Do we notice a trend? He seems attracted to weapons and trouble. People who surround themselves with great influences don't behave that way. When you start to slip, it's on your parents to set you straight. A great father isn't meant to be your friend. He's meant to be a mentor and protector, and at times, that requires some difficult decisions.

There's no doubt Tee Morant loves his son. Now, he needs to take whatever steps are necessary to stop his son's foolish and reckless behavior.

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