Skip Bayless: Carolina Panthers Players Should Boycott Playing Over Steve Wilks Not Being Hired

Skip Bayless believes that Carolina Panthers players should not play after interim head coach Steve Wilks wasn't offered a full time position.

The controversial-and-annoying Bayless made the comments earlier today on his "Undisputed" show on FS1.


"At what point do the players stand up and say, No," Bayless asked.

Skip then insinuated that the Panthers should do "a boycott situation."

"Wouldn't you like to see some sort of protest here where you stand up as a football organization and say 'this is not acceptable to us?" Bayless opined.

Skip Bayless believes that because every player may not have gotten his way, rather than work through it - they should just revolt and boycott entirely.

The sports talk host responded to the Panthers not moving forward with interim head coach Steve Wilks, who went 6-6 with the the team after replacing head coach Matt Rhule. Although some Panthers players gave their approval of Wilks throughout the season, Panthers ownership never publicly did. Throughout the year they continued to say that they were evaluating the situation.

The Panthers decided to go a different route and hired Frank Reich.

The move was peculiar to some - including Bayless, after Reich was fired from the Indianapolis Colts earlier this year after a disappointing 3-5-1 record.


Wigdor Law firm, which represent Wilks, released a statement after the Reich hiring. They alleged that this goes beyond just a coaching record and that the NFL has a "legitimate race problem."

Wigdor Law is also representing Steve Wilks in a class-action lawsuit againsst the Arizona Cardinals. Wilks claimed that he was "unfairly and discriminately fired" after one season with the team.

It's unclear if Wilks will pursue legal action against the Panthers.

Wilks tweeted out his own statement after Reich's hiring, saying that he was "disappointed but not defeated."

You can be sure that in the coming days there will be more to this story. You will hear people echoing Wigdor Law's belief that this has to do with racism, with others saying that the Panthers were free to do as they please.

But I'm not sure how many people are going to agree with Bayless' take. That if players don't like something that they should forfeit all their pay and not play, while Skip can do as he wants from the comfort of the millions he makes on television.

Especially since there are other reports that other Panthers players - including team captains told the Panthers front office that they understood why Reich was hired in the first place.

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