Single Tom Brady Is 2-0 Since Divorce & Made A Major Social Media Change

Seems like Tom Brady "has that dawg" in him once again ever since him and ex-wife Gisele Bündchen finalized their divorce.

At least that's what several fans took to Twitter to point out over the weekend.

Brady and the Bucs won their second straight game Sunday in Germany, beating - and never trailing - the Seattle Seahawks, 21-16. The win got Tampa Bay back to .500, kept them atop the terrible NFC South, and, most importantly, showed that Brady still has plenty left in the tank.

The 45-year-old has looked old for the first time this season, and, frankly, played horrible over the first two months. Coincidence or not (it's not), Brady's terrible play also came during a pretty terrible time back at home.

Bündchen and Brady finalized their divorce on Oct. 28, according to an Instagram post from Brady. That was the day after the Bucs' 27-22 loss to Baltimore on a Thursday night.

Well, since then ...

Tom Brady also made a big social media change that got people talking

Speaking of Twitter, Brady previously had a header photo on his page that included Gisele and their two kids. Even after news of the divorce leaked out, Brady kept the photo.

However, at some point this weekend, Brady finally made the change.

The interesting piece here is that more-than-likely Tom Brady wanted to immediately change his profile picture. His previous photo, seen in the first tweet above, shows him with that appears to be lasers coming from his eyes.

This is an advertisement for FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange for which Brady was a heavy investor and spokesman. However, FTX's recent financial disaster has Brady potentially losing millions of dollars. So, yeah, he wanted to get that out ASAP.

But it's worth noting that he also took the time to change his header photo. Gisele is officially out.

Tom Brady looks like Tom Brady again and the Bucs might be back

The GOAT is back, baby!

Look, it's definitely not a coincidence. Let's just be honest here.

Brady looked MISERABLE over the first two months, and it's understandable. Divorce is terrible, and Brady and Gisele has been on the fritz for months.

It started way back in the spring when Tom unretired after a cup of coffee, bled over into training camp when he took two weeks off for a family vacation, and the couple basically lived apart all season until they put pen to paper and moved on after 13 years.

Of course you're going to play like crap during that time. Tom Brady has been pretty immortal during his career, but home-life and football life are two very different things.

Anyway, Brady's thrown for over 500 yards and three touchdowns over the past two games, and led another unreal comeback against the Rams last week.

Perhaps most importantly, the tablets on the sidelines are as safe as they've been all year and Tom Brady is having fun again.

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