Marvin Harrison Jr. Trading In C.J. Stroud For A Robot

I'm still coming to terms with the news that AI is replacing writers, and now quarterbacks are on the chopping block. Is no one's job safe from the threat of robots and artificial intelligence?

Even worse, Ohio State's Marvin Harrison Jr. is helping out in expediting the robotic revolution (Robolution?).

Harrison has signed a deal to partner with sports robotics company Monarc. They produce the world's first robotic quarterback, which is known as Seeker.

“The seeker was a big part of my success last year,” Harrison said of his robotic practice partner. “I love training with the seeker, it allows me to put in work myself and keeps me on top of my game.”

Seeker passes, punts, and kicks balls in rapid succession, making it a great training aid. It would have been a legit threat to those competing in the old Punt, Pass, & Kick competition too.

However, its lack of mobility is a major question mark making surrounding a possible transition to the National Football League. That's good though: Once Seeker figures out how to move, it's over, Johnny.

As it turns out, Harrison used Seeker more than any other wideout in college football. That paid off on the field and now off, with his new deal.

This upcoming season, Harrison will be without his old signal caller C.J. Stroud who is headed for the greener pastures of the NFL. Perhaps that will make Seeker an even bigger part of his training regimen.

This is a nice addition to Harrison's NIL portfolio, which is already one of the most robust in college football. According to On3, his $1.7 million NIL valuation is the seventh highest among NCAA college football players.

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