Jason Derulo’s Dancing With Robot Dogs At Super Bowl Leaves Fans Frightened, Sparks ‘Black Mirror’ Fears

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Jason Derulo has sold over 250 million singles worldwide since beginning his solo recording career in 2009. The 33-year-old remains one of the most recognizable figures in music.

As such, he was invited to perform at the Super Bowl. Kind of.

Derulo joined The Black Keys for the third-annual TikTok Tailgate. He got on stage a few hours before kickoff and performed a medley of his biggest hits, as well as his new song with David Guetta.

Music aside, Derulo’s performance was worrisome to many. Not because of its underlying themes or anything like that, but because of its background dancers.

As Derulo shimmied and shook across the stage, he was joined by a bunch of dogs. Just not real ones.

To his right and his left, robot dogs danced together in unison to a choreographed routine. Well, in their cases, a programmed routine.

The robot dogs either were, or closely resembled Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, Spot.

Boston Dynamics has promised not to weaponize their robots.

While violence is forbidden, apparently dancing on stage before the Super Bowl is allowed.

Derulo’s performance did not inspire much confidence. Fans who tuned-in to Fox’s pregame coverage were both confused and frightened by the robots.

Many of them referenced an episode of Black Mirror in which robot dogs attack.

Others were simply baffled by the technology. Some were legitimately frightened.

The overwhelming theme of the performance stemmed from one simple question— why?!

Is this the future?! Is this the beginning of the end?! Are robots beginning their takeover?!

Probably not, but maybe. You never know.

Derulo’s performance, good or bad, left fans wondering whether the robots were necessary, even though they were pretty lit!

Written by Grayson Weir

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