Jordan Spieth Has Mad Respect For Gambling Fans During His Putt

Jordan Spieth continues to just be one of the boys.

Spieth had a difficult approach on the 12th hole during Thursday's opening round of the Sentry Tournament of Champions, leaving his second shot well short on the 432-yard par 4. He was visibly annoyed (shocking!) and quipped that he left himself a difficult 2-putt to save par.

The University of Texas product did eventually find the hole in two, getting to within a couple feet on his first 54-foot putt and sinking the next one.

And, apparently, it cost at least one bro some money!

“I appreciate the exchange of money and I’d be doing the same thing, but I could just hear you guys gambling, right off the back of the green,” Spieth said to a pair of fans behind the green.

Jordan Spieth respects the art of gambling.

Incredible. This caption is spot-on, too. Boy, did I miss watching Jordan Spieth play golf. Electric player, electric dude.

I once followed Spieth - back when he World No. 1 - during a Pro-Am in Vero Beach when he played with Jake Owen. Just the two of them literally walking the course for four hours with half the town following along.

Spieth started the event with a Happy Gilmore tee shot on 1, and I knew we were in for a DAY.

Some dummies on tour would be pissed at a couple bros gambling just a few feet away while they tried to line up their 4-foot putt. But not Jordan Spieth.

He knows he'd be doing the exact same thing and is just glad the fellas are out there having a good time. Even gives them a little fist-bump at the end to let 'em know it's all good.

Love it.

Welcome back, PGA.

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