Darren Rovell Savagely Cuts In Front Of Kids With Special Needs To Get Video With JJ Watt After His Final Game

What a model citizen! Certified weirdo and two-time OutKick Woke Challenge contestant Darren Rovell had one thing on his mind Sunday: get a social media post with Cardinals pass rusher JJ Watt after the final game of his illustrious NFL career.

Rovell would stop at no cost to get his five seconds of clout.

Darren Rovell Stoops To New Low

Unable to contain himself after the Arizona Cardinals' 38-13 loss, Rovell rushed into the Cardinals players' tunnel and, to no one's surprise, cut in front of a line of special needs children waiting to say goodbye to Watt.


Making sure his videographer could catch a good glimpse of the two, Rovell chased down Watt and nearly pulled him down to the ground just to look into his eyes one last time.

I mean, look at the unbridled joy on Rovell's face.

Do better, Darren.

"Of all the pathetic things you've ever done, this takes the cake, running in front of the special needs kids to say to get JJ's attention," one Twitter commenter responded to the video. And when it comes to Karen Rovell, that's really saying something.

Another commenter called it the "most Rovell thing ever." And yeah, that's pretty on the money.

Rovell — who's long tried to get a W over OutKick founder Clay Travis but has had as much success as the Bears facing Aaron Rodgers — reminded us how not to act as a grown up. And to always, we mean always, put the kids first.

Watt, 33, had a hell of an ending to his career — finishing with two sacks on the day and 12.5 on the season.

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