Spanish Model Reveals That She Has Sex Every Day With Her Soccer Player Husband

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It’s becoming harder and harder to hate on the sport of soccer as the years go on. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of the game and I don’t think I ever will be. Not until they find a way to eliminate 0-0 ties anyway. Excuse me, 0-0 draws.

That said, there are some upsides to the game that can’t be ignored. You can make a ton of money to essentially exercise. There isn’t the pressure to score a ton or even to win games. These are just some of the positives to playing the game.

Another positive to playing soccer is that all of the running around makes you look great with your shirt off and beautiful women seem to be into that.

Spain's National Team captain Sergio Ramos and wife Pilar Rubio attend "El Corazon de Sergio Ramos" premiere at the Reina Sofia museum.
Spain’s National Team captain Sergio Ramos and wife Pilar Rubio. (Photo by Pablo Cuadra/WireImage)

There are many examples from the soccer world of players ending up in relationships with models and of those models revealing the details of their sex life with the soccer player.

The latest to reveal that she has a lot of sex with her soccer player husband is Spanish model Pilar Rubio. She revealed the details of her sex life with Paris Saint-Germain player Sergio Ramos to the host of the talk show La Resistencia.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way for Pilar Rubio

The host asked Pilar how often she and Sergio had sex in the last month. She answered, “We do it every day, except for the days when I am in Madrid.”

“Today for instance, thanks to you, I can’t.”

The host wanted to know how the married couple, who has four children, are able to pull off such a feat on a daily basis. Pilar responded by saying, “My children are in bed at 9.30pm. Sex is life.”

Like I said, it’s becoming harder and harder to hate on the sport of soccer. Primarily due to all of the off the field benefits.

Written by Sean Joseph

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