Playboy Model Daniella Chavez Gifts OnlyFans VIP Subscription To Soccer Player

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Playboy model Daniella Chavez isn’t new to the world of soccer. She’s a big fan of the sport. Such a big fan that started an OnlyFans account over the summer with hopes of buying the Chilean soccer team O’Higgins.

That didn’t happen after the team’s current owners reportedly refused her offer. The setback didn’t cause her to close up her OnlyFans shop or anything.

Daniella’s instead found another use for her subscription-based account. She’s going to gift a VIP subscription to the best soccer player in South America.

The lucky recipient of that gift is Club America midfielder Alvaro Fidalgo. Daniella took to social media and shared the news with her large following.

She tweeted out a video of herself dancing in her own Club America jersey. The video’s caption reads, “The Eagles stay with the Classic!!! America already won, I’m sorry Chivas!!!”

“Thank you Club America and tell Alvaro Fidalgo that he won an account from my Onlyfans VIP for being the best in America this season!”

All The Hard Work Pays Off

Fidalgo hasn’t responded to the offer, which was made a couple of weeks ago. At least he hasn’t done so publicly. Who knows if there were any arrangements made behind the scenes?

If handing out VIP subscriptions is going to become a thing then you better believe some players are going to be trying a little harder.

A professional soccer player almost certainly doesn’t want to get caught subscribing to an OnlyFans account. However, a gift is a gift. All things considered it would be rude to not accept this gift.

Written by Sean Joseph

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