Soldier Field Looks Like A Public Driving Range For Chiefs-Bears Game

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An Elton John concert last weekend absolutely wrecked the grass at Soldier Field. There was no hiding it ahead of Saturday’s preseason opener between the Chiefs and Bears.

Right on cue, literally everybody on Twitter noticed.

Filling in divots at Soldier Field 15 minutes before an actual NFL game is hilarious. What are we doing here!?

Justin Fields got WRECKED during the opening series, the Bears punted and Patrick Mahomes immediately marched down the driving range for an easy score.

The NFL is truly back!

Hold me closer, tiny dancer!


Short, sweet and to the point. I like it.

Fields, by the way, was sacked twice in the first quarter at Soldier Field. But Fields also hit Darnell Mooney for a beautiful 26-yard strike for you fantasy nerds (that includes me).

This guy sounds like a lot of fun.

Big Red decided to play Mahomes at Soldier Field. The Chiefs QB proceeded to slice and dice the Bears defense on his one and only drive.

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. (Getty Images)

Mahomes finished 6 of 7 for 60 yards and an easy 5-yard touchdown pass to Blake Bell. He also hit Travis Kelce for a 19-yard strike.

Tyreek who?

Written by Zach Dean

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