Tennis Star’s Model Girlfriend Keeps Getting Accused Of Causing Sex Injuries

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Melissa Satta — the model girlfriend of tennis star Matteo Berrettini — is fed up with online trolls accusing her of causing injuries via sex.

Bottom line: the 37-year-old Italian smoke doesn’t appreciate the insinuation that she’s a little too rough between the sheets, and needs it to stop. Now.

“Too bad it’s an injury in the same place as the one in 2021, when I didn’t know him,” Satta told Vanity Fair of Berrettini’s recent oblique injury, which will keep him out of the Tennis Internationals in Rome.

“Do I really have to answer to these people?” she added.

Model Melissa Satta accused of hurting tennis boyfriend Matteo Berrettini with sex

No ma’am you do not! The OutKick Culture Department believes you, and that’s all that matters.

That being said, this ain’t the first time our girl Melissa Satta has been accused of causing bodily harm through sex. In fact, it was a regular occurrence during her 10-year marriage to German soccer player Kevin Prince Boateng.

Can’t say she doesn’t have a type!

“Once, my ex-husband, who suffered from pubalgia (chronic groin lesion). There, too, they attacked me saying that we had too much sex and that was the cause of his physical problems,” Satta added.

Yikes. Didn’t know something called pubalgia existed before five minutes ago, and I’m no better for it. Godspeed to anyone who has chronic groin lesions.

Anyway, Melissa here says she’s constantly attacked by trolls online, where she boasts nearly 5 million followers on Instagram.

Melissa Satta accused of hurting soccer boyfriend with sex.
Poor Melissa can’t stop be accused of sex injuries.

She’s grown pretty good at ignoring the vile accusations in recent years, but lashed out recently when one tabloid accused her of distracting Matteo after the two went public with their relationship in January.

“The proof that sexism has been and still is there: it’s always women who distract men, and if it’s a woman who loses, then it’s what she eats, not a man,” she said.

“The title of a newspaper: ‘Melissa Satta brings bad luck,’ after the game at the Montecarlo tournament in which Matteo won, but after which he stopped for the injury.

“How can you write something like that? It’s not ethical.”

And how about this for a kicker? Melissa’s even been the victim of body-shaming, with some haters calling her too fat, too skinny, or badly dressed.

Yeah — I’m gonna go with a big fat ‘no’ on that one.

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