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It’s interesting to hear the reactions from the woke NHL media in response to a guy saying, ‘Nah, I’m not wearing your rainbow warmup jersey’

It was just a matter of time before the NHL blue checkmarks lost their minds over something relating to equality, inclusion, blah, blah, blah. Imagine living in a world where people are outraged because a hockey player refused to bow down and wear a rainbow warmup jersey. That’s the world we’re living in and if you’ve been listening to the blue checkmark mouthpieces the last 24 hours, you can hear exactly what they want to do with dissenters.

They want dissenters expelled from the USA. They want dissenters to face huge fines. They want dissenters to fall in line or else they will go after their livelihoods.

It’s reminiscent of what people are told about taking vaccines, driving electric cars, about how the method they should cook their food, how they should mow their lawns. The wokes want you to accept biological men kicking your biological daughter’s ass in the swimming pool and taking her trophies. The lib libs want you to never eat another piece of meat. The libs say the next great extinction is coming in 20 years, but that we should spend hundreds of billions to save the planet.

The amusing part for me in this Ivan Provorov saga is that the loud-mouth blue checkmark Canadians (and lib lib New Jersey ESPN hockey guy Greg Wyshynski) are telling us here in the States how Ivan and dissenters are evil-doers for not falling in line.

The alphabet mafia has its new target and now they’re going to do their best to ruin this guy’s life.

How tolerant of differeing viewpoints.

• Anderw D. writes:

So reeducation is the way to go instead of letting people disagree?  Is this America?


Well, to be fair Andrew, the ones screaming the loudest are the insufferable ultra-woke Canadians who love to tell us how to live. By the way, how long until Canadians gladly have their electric cars turned off by the government for not complying with one of Trudeau’s ridiculous woke rules?

Is that too far-fetched? I’m probably way behind on this issue. Remember, Canada is where a shop teacher can walk around with enormous prosthetic boobs and be hailed as a hero by the wokes for being so brave.

How to organize your garage in 2023

The Screencaps readers came through for Millennial Chris B. in Bowling Green, OH who has a new house and needed advice on how to get the kids’ crap off the floor.

• First up is Pat in Vancouver USA:

I’ve had a 2 car garage for over 20 years. Here are some good pointers.

1. Have everything on wheels. Makes moving and reorganizing easy.

2. Use the ceiling. Lots of space up there for seasonal items.

3. Label everything. Sounds anal but says you time searching.

4. Paint the walls white. Nothing is better than a bright space, even if jammed pack.

Qualification: In that two car garage I was able to fit in the following:

1954 pickup in pieces. Two 900cc motorcycles. 62 nova. Two kayaks. Table saw. Wood rack. TV. Mini Fridge. And finally a couple of bikes.

• Rodney in Houston, TX has some advice:

Advice for Chris…

Overhead storage is a must! Takes advantage of otherwise wasted space.

I put these around the perimeter of the front half of the garage when we first moved in to our house. 6 years and 2 (more) kids later, I’m actually in the process of adding more shelves above the garage door (really wasted space) right now.

For reference, my ceilings are 9’ high and these are about 2’ deep and 2’ below the ceiling… provides tons of storage space.

Easily doable some basic power tools, a handful of 2×4’s, and a couple sheets of plywood.

• Kyle T. has suggestions and advice on how to get those tools into spots where they can be easily found:

In response to Chris B’s garage storage dilemma, I as well struggle with this.  We have 4 kids and the oldest just turned 5.  We have bicycles, scooters, inflatable water slide pools, water tables, 12 volt rideable cars, strollers and what seems like an endless amount of foldable chairs.  I have researched this topic extensively.  In my old house I used french cleats along an entire wall with some shelves I built on the opposite wall.  The attached picture shows less than half of the french cleat system.  I don’t have a picture of the entire thing, but if you are handy at all you can customize attachments for anything.  The picture shows tools and things like that, but I also used them to hang anything I could on the wall.

These are pretty cheap and easy to make.

I’ve transitioned though and left the french cleat wall at my old house.  I’ve got 1 row of french cleats about 7 feet above the garage floor that I use for a ladder and some seaonal yard tools. I’m now using 3 bays of industrial shelving that connect together.  These are extremely easy to put together and at the time I bought them they were cheaper than buying the amount of lumber needed to make these the old fashioned way.  The bikes, scooters and 12 volts all park right under one of the bottom shelves and everything else can be easily stored in tubs or loose.  

The below picture is an example of what I have.  

• JBH, who has “construction” in his email, writes:

Gridwall – Commercial display racks – simple, sturdy, and as versatile as you’d like to make them. Also easily go with you when you move (approx. 15 times in 20 years, lost count)

• Todd S. writes:

I have used these multiple times for bikes, especially where ceiling height is not an issue. Work well and easy to install with a stud finder and drill.

For lower ceilings the screw in rubber coated steel hooks for your local hardware store would work as well.

Grill grates

• Tom S. in Atlanta wants to talk grillin’:

I think there may be an overlap between grill guys on ScreenCaps, and grilling with grill grates, and each iteration.  

I’ve used Grill Grates on my 22″ Webber for years. Not sure how I ever cooked differently,  based on tastes in the house. What is the crossover between grilling and GrillGrates? BTW, I haven’t “cleaned” my GrillGrates for 5 years… carbon is king in grilling.

Prom season is approaching and Brian in Tennessee isn’t impressed by the venue choice

• Michigan fan Brian A. in TN writes:

The final semester of HS school is underway. As a parent of a HS senior I get the school emails. Today I received the Senior Prom email reminder about tickets. I glanced it over, but then suddenly one thing caught my eye. It’s being held at a ballroom that has hosted a lot of rubber chicken conference lunches, Senate fundraisers, Congress election night parties, and other big events. I was immediately filled with rage. A High School prom should be in the school gym with cheesy decorations they spend about $300 on at Party City and all your teachers there supervising and judging. Am I out of line in this thinking?

End of story. Yes, I’ve now transitioned into the “get off my lawn!” old man status I guess…

Oh, and did you happen to spend time in TN around 2004? Because what I have been told is my daughter seems to be a Bengals fan. I’ve done my best to make her a Lions fan – jerseys, shirts, even earrings…but she never took to it. Now she’s gone all in on Joe B, jersey and all! Just wondering if a DNA  test is in order…

Keep up the great work!


I have to disagree with you here, Brian. Proms have been held in elite spots for decades. The homecoming dance is in the gym. Yes, you’re out of line here.

By the way, your daughter will have your back when Jared Goff and the Lions make a run in 2023. They have those draft picks, Brian. The roster is starting to show depth. Mark my words, these are NOT the same old Lions.

What is best way to win a stadium fight if you have the lower ground

• Steve in Grand Junction, CO writes:

I’m always mesmerized by the videos of fans fighting in the stands. By my count, the fan in the higher row has a record of 145-2. 

This leads me to ask: What do you do if you’re the fan in the lower position and someone starts something?  How do you fight back?  I sometimes take my family to pro sports games and have no clue how I’d win a fight if some drunk idiot threw a beer at my wife or something. 

I know the safe thing is to text the stadium’s unruly fan behavior number, but I also want to stand up for my family and not look like a wimp in front of my son. 

Any Screencap self-defense experts with tips on fighting/defending yourself when the opponent has the higher positional advantage?



That’s a great question for this community, especially as we head towards a weekend where Giants fans are traveling to Philadelphia for what could be quite a scene.

There have to be some MMA experts reading Screencaps. If not, I went to high school with a guy who is a 3rd degree black belt and now runs the Renzo Gracie Houston operation. Maybe he can give us some pointers.

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