Shakira And Jimmy Butler Might Be A Thing; Someone Check On Tom Cruise And Lewis Hamilton

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Shakira is proving to be one heck of a player in recent months.

The 46-year-old Colombian popstar — whose Super Bowl LIV Half Time show alongside Jennifer Lopez featured more ass than a charity game of donkey basketball — was reportedly spotted out on the town with Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler.

According to The Dail Mail, Shakira and the 33-year-old hoopster arrived at London’s Novikov Restaurant & Bar separately, but just a few minutes apart. An insider claimed that the two looked “cozy” while they crushed some cocktails and sushi.

Now, long-time fans of Shakira Watch ’23 will no doubt have some questions about this under-the-radar booze and sushi outing with Jimmy Buckets.

That’s because just days earlier, Shakira was spotted at the British Grand Prix. There, she watched her thought-to-be beau, Lewis Hamilton drive to a podium finish.

The popstar was spotted at a few races over the last few months, the first of which was in Miami. There, she was spotted chatting it up with everyone’s favorite action star/Operating Thetan Level VIII, Tom Cruise.

And while Tom Cruise was reported into Shakira and her non-lying hips (although, in fairness, who isn’t?). Shakira essentially handed the Top Gun: Maverick star a sort of “It’s not you, it’s me” through the media.

Then a few days later was cruising around on a boat with Lewis Hamilton.

Shakira was seen at the NBA Finals which featured Jimmy Butler’s Miami Heat getting annihilated by the Denver Nuggets. (Photo by Eric Espada/NBAE via Getty Images)

Are Shakira And Jimmy Butler Just Friends Or “Just Friends”

So now, this Jimmy Butler outing has Shakira Watchers the world over completely befuddled. Did something go down at Silverstone between Shakira and Lewis? Maybe she was disappointed in him for not being able to take P2 over McLaren’s Lando Norris (which probably should’ve happened, so she’d be justified in being a bit miffed).

In some ways it makes sense. Shakira has hit up some Heat games in her time, and Butler was in London at the same time to catch a bit of Wimbledon (which is crazy. There was a Grand Prix at Silverstone and two Iron Maiden concerts in London last weekend, and he picked tennis?!).

Still, their outing was described as “cozy.” That would imply they’re more than buds.

Perhaps the person who reported that doesn’t know what that word means, or maybe it means something different across the pond. Sort of like how fries are called “chips” and the toilet is called a “loo.”

Maybe something was lost in translation. Or perhaps, Shakira is just out here having herself a time after her divorce from soccer player Gerard Pique by hob-nobbing with some of the sports and entertainment’s biggest richest names.

Is this the last chapter in the Shakira saga? I hope so, but I thought that about the last two.

That woman just knows how to steal headlines.

It’s simply the Shakira way.

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