Sex Worker Accused Of Brothel Shooting Vows To Clear Name On OnlyFans Page

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Nevada sex worker Savannah Henderson, who was accused of firing multiple shots earlier this week at the Bunny Ranch brothel, says the recent bump in the road has business booming.

She’s also promising to clear the air later this week on her OnlyFans page.

Henderson, known as “Tiara Tae,” was arrested after allegedly firing multiple rounds inside the legal brothel, but was released after posting an $86,000 bail and is already back at work!

She told Fox News (great company!) Wednesday that she’s been falsely accused and the charges are being dropped, and later took to Twitter to say, like any situation, there’s a silver lining here.

“Super thankful I will still have all my financial support…and just support from them in general,” she said on her super private account, which is limited to just approved-followers.

“E-mails sky rocketing, people wanting bookings and meet ups.. maybe (former owner) Dennis was right, all publicity is good publicity. Stay tuned.”

Sex worker Savannah Henderson accused of shooting up Bunny Ranch brothel.
Savannah Henderson accused of firing shots at Bunny Ranch Brothel!

Tiara Tae OnlyFans page will provide the truth

Strange that a sex worker who also goes by name ‘The Bully Barbie’ would feel the need to set her Twitter account to private, but I guess we all have our line in the sand.

Anyway, what a comeback story for Henderson/Tae/Barbie – at least for now. She swears the whole thing was basically a set up and she’s about to be exonerated so fast your head will spin. We’ll see.

Well, I guess those of who subscribe to her OnlyFans account will see. Like any good businesswoman, Henderson said she plans to spill all the details about Monday’s arrest on her page later this week.

So make sure to hit that subscribe button!

“Spoiler surprise: falsely accused. Lawyer check. Charges dropped,” she said in another tweet. “Y’all thought you got me lol stay tuned for my OF link with juicy details and info of court I’m free to walk and roam! Hope everyone is having a great week. I’m feeling relief.”

I bet!

bunny ranch sex brothel.
You recognize the Bunny Ranch, don’t you?

Glad to see Henderson is back at the ranch, which – for those of you who grew up in the early-2000s with parents who paid for HBO – will recognize as the backdrop for the famous series, Cathouse.

I’m gonna go with a big, fat “no comment” on that one, by the way.

Anyway, no one was hurt in Monday’s shooting, but deputies responding to a report of a fight between two workers at the brothel heard more gunshots when they arrived.

Lyon County Sheriff Brad Pope said in a statement that Tae allegedly holed up in a room for around three hours and surrendered after midnight, following the arrival of a SWAT team and crisis negotiators.

Seems like someone is lying here, obviously. Don’t know who it is, or what really went down at the brothel.

Guess we’ll all have to tune into Henderson’s OnlyFans later this week to find out!

Sex worker Tiara Tae.
Tony Clifton and Tiara Tae. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

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