Second Journalist Dies Covering The World Cup In Qatar: Report

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A second journalist has reportedly died in Qatar while covering the World Cup. The news comes just days after American soccer journalist Grant Wahl suddenly passed away covering the event.

According to Monica Grayley of ONU News and various other outlets, Qatari photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam died on Saturday. Al-Misslam worked for the Qatari news channel Al Kass TV, which only briefly mentioned his passing on air, according to Fox Sports Australia.

Circumstances around al-Misslam’s death are unknown at this time.

News of al-Misslam’s death comes just two days after Wahl reportedly passed away in Qatar after collapsing while covering the Argentina – Netherlands quarterfinal match. The American was rushed to a nearby hospital, and at this time it’s unclear if he died at the hospital or en route.


Wahl made headlines earlier in the tournament when trying to enter a World Cup stadium wearing a rainbow t-shirt. He later said that he was detained by local security for half an hour before eventually being let into the stadium.

Wahl’s brother, Eric, posted a video to social media saying that his brother was “healthy” and implied there was foul play involved in his death. That post has since been deleted, however, his Twitter thread insinuating foul play remains online.

During a recent episode of his ‘Futbol with Grant Wahl’ podcast, Wahl explained that he had recently come down with bronchitis. Wahl also explained that many journalists have gotten sick with a cough since the start of the tournament.

“I took some time off myself. We had two days here without games after 17 straight days of games. My body, I think told me, even after the US went out ‘dude, you are not sleeping enough.’ And, it rebelled on me. I’ve had a case of bronchitis this week,” Wahl explained. “I’ve been to the medical clinic at the media center twice now, including today. I’m feeling better today.

“I’m coughing a lot. Everyone is coughing here. This is by no means limited to me. So many journalists have gotten a crazy cough that sounds like a death rattle sometimes.”

Wahl was 48 years old and survived by his wife Dr. Céline Gounder, who was a member of the COVID-19 advisory board transition team of then-incoming president Joe Biden.

Written by Mark Harris

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