Sean Payton Talks With His Daughter About NFL Teams With Best Odds Of Landing Him

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Sean Payton’s daughter, Meghan, put her dad on the spot when he recently joined her podcast ‘Payton’s Play’ by trying to get her old man to give some insight into whether or not he’ll be taking an NFL coaching job this offseason.

Sean Payton has been linked to a handful of NFL coaching gigs throughout the season and has reportedly taken meetings with both the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans.

Meghan went as far as to throw a graphic in her dad’s face with various odds of which team he may end up with. According to her, the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams have the best odds of landing Sean. His former team, the New Orleans Saints, have the third-best odds.

You could tell Sean didn’t exactly want to take part in the segment as you can hear him say “stop” as soon as Meghan began teasing the graphic.

Sean was a good sport, however, and quickly pointed out that the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers shouldn’t have made the graphic given both teams made the playoffs. He then took things even further saying “you’re missing Carolina,” which is interesting given the rumors out there that the Panthers may be eyeing the former head coach.

Sean mentioned another box was missing from the graphic, and it’s not even an NFL team.

“The last box we’re missing is Fox,” Payton explained. “What’s the odds that he just goes back to Fox and pays for Meghan’s wedding next year and kinda put it on a credit card?”

The former coach’s comments about potentially returning to Fox align with what he had to say a week ago.

During the Fox NFL broadcast on January 10, Michael Strahan asked Payton “1 to 10, what are the chances you’ll be here next year with us at Fox?” and Payton said “seven.”

Written by Mark Harris

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