Sean McVay Won’t Commit To Returning To Rams: ‘We’ll See’

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When the Los Angeles Rams take the field to defend their Super Bowl title next fall, it’s quite possible that they’ll do so under the leadership of a head coach other than Sean McVay.

After the Super Bowl, McVay acknowledged that he is at least considering stepping away from the game.

“We’ll see,” McVay, 36, said Monday of returning as coach of the Rams, per the LA Times.

As OutKick detailed last week, some TV networks have expressed interest in landing McVay for their broadcast booths, and speculation has swirled that McVay could net as much as $10 million per year to serve as a game analyst/color commentator for one of the major networks. He’s currently paid $8.5 million to coach the Rams.

McVay has also previously admitted that he has no interest in being an NFL “lifer,” so winning the Super Bowl would seem like a natural segue for McVay to move onto the next phase of his career, despite his youth.

McVay told the LA Times on Monday that “you could definitely say that” winning a championship makes it easier to walk away from coaching.

Just don’t expect McVay to make a decision anytime soon. The Los Angeles coach is going to bask in his team’s championship for a while, telling the Times: “I’m just enjoying this moment right now. I’m really happy to be a part of this. Happy for that.”

Moments later, McVay added: “I love coaching. I’m just so excited about this moment right now.”

Whether he’s as excited about gearing up to defend the title remains to be seen. The Rams return a loaded roster and will be considered one of the favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy next season. However, McVay already has his title, and a job with a lot less stress that pays a lot more money is his for the taking.

A script made for Hollywood for everyone except nervous Rams fans.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Actually, it would be a good move. You hang your coaching legacy on going to one Super Bowl and Winning another Super Bowl. Then go to the broadcast both for more money, less work, less headaches. Basically get half the year off. I think as time goes on, fewer and fewer coaches/player will worry less about Hall of Fames, etc…as long as they can make money elsewhere. Even if McVey wants to coach, take a year or two off then get a massive Jon Gruden type contract

  2. Mcvay stock will never be higher. His lousy playcalling and clock management at the end of the game wasn’t the talk of the town Monday because his defense bailed him out.

    If there was ever a time to cash in your chips…

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