Sauce Gardner Tweets At Ja Morant After Latest Gun Controversy With Bold Claim, Promptly Deletes Tweet

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New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner is (subtly) calling out Ja Morant for being a fake gangster after flashing a weapon on Instagram … again!

On Sunday, hours after the Memphis Grizzlies star was caught brandishing a weapon on social media, Gardner posted an apparent dig at Morant’s penchant for guns.

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Gardner, the NFL’s reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year, tweeted, “Everybody have guns bro. No need to post it on IG live lol.”

And, he’s not wrong…


Gardner’s tweet wasn’t outlandish; after all, the Second Amendment exists for all Americans. However, for a guy whose year has been sabotaged by gun-related headlines, it was a completely imprudent move by Morant.

Gardner deleted his tweet shortly after posting … thankfully everything on the internet is permanent.

As relayed by OutKick’s Grayson Weir, Morant was suspended by the Grizzlies on Sunday for his gun-toting Instagram video.

Ja Morant’s Controversies:

  • NBA investigates Ja Morant for allegedly firing laser-dotted sight at Pacers players and personnel (Feb. 5).
  • Morant accused of punching teenager during a pickup game (Mar. 1).
  • NBA investigates video of Morant showing off a handgun at Shotgun Willie’s, intoxicated (Mar. 4).
  • Ja Morant suspended by NBA for flashing gun on IG Live (May 14).

This isn’t the first time Gardner has called out Morant for acting like a hoodlum as a professional athlete worth hundreds of millions.

Gardner tweeted on Feb. 6, a day after Ja Morant’s first controversy involving a weapon surfaced: “Pro Athletes, if you really from the trenches, you ain’t gotta prove it every time you know eyes on you. A lot of y’all ain’t even like that for real and THATS FINE! All your life, you grind to go pro, make it pro & start making millions, and then turn gangsta? That’s backwards.”

It’s been a disastrous year for Morant: a guy who grew up with a seemingly tame upbringing and whose first name is Temetrius.

Worst of all, Ja Morant’s tepid responses to the controversies showcase a lack of dedication toward maturing under the NBA’s spotlight.

When will this guy learn his lesson …

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