San Diego Padres Release Wild Hype Video, Will Disappointment Follow?

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Sports is a funny thing.

On one aspect, you want to display confidence, toughness, maybe even some arrogance before you head into a competition. You want to intimidate your opponent by being so sure that you are going to prevail victorious.

But on the other hand, if it goes bad and you do in fact not win the championship, well then… you come across like a fool.

The San Diego Padres are praying (and paying) that doesn’t happen to them.

The team released a new video ahead of today’s baseball season opener and anyone that isn’t a Padres fan has to be hoping it jinxes them.


The hype-up video is actually pretty damn sick, so shout out to the video team that put it together.

But there’s a funny thing about messing with the sports gods and celebrating a littttle too early – they always find a way to remind humans that they are in fact, humans and that they can’t always control their athletic outcomes.

The overhyped, overproduced, top-of-the-line video comes with good measure. On paper and their highlight reels, the Padres are absolutely stacked.

They signed former Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts to an 11-year-deal. They will have Fernando Tatis Jr. just a few weeks into the season after he finishes serving a PED suspension from last year. Oh, and you can’t forget that they have someone named Manny Machado – you may have heard of him.

AND Juan Soto!

I mean you can understand why the team was like “social media team – go do your magic!”

The San Diego Padres hope to win it all this year. (Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images)


But as the team learned last season after losing in the National League Championship Series to the Phillies, the road to the World Series does not come easy.

The Padres will have to contend with their Los Angeles rival, the Dodgers, again this year. You also have the Braves, those pesky Phillies again… and oh yeah, another team that spent a boatload of money in the New York Mets. Those same sports gods I talked about before? They already cut Mets fans expectations down a bit after closer Edwin Diaz suffered a torn tendon in his knee and will miss the entire season.

Yes, it’s always great for the individual team to hype their own fanbase.

The problems begin once you have every other team wanting to exert extra effort into proving them wrong.

Welcome to the start of the 2023 MLB season!

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Written by Mike Gunzelman

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