Salma Hayek’s Boobs Kept Falling Out Of Her Bathrobe As She Celebrated 24 Million Instagram Followers

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Salma Hayek had some celebrating to do on Tuesday and did so with a little dancing in a bathrobe. So what her boobs refused to be contained by her flowing garment. She was having too much fun and wasn’t about to fake the moment with a retake.

The 56-year-old, who brought us an early summer this year with some unrivaled bikini content, captured the celebration and shared it with her folowers. What was she celebrating? An incredible 24 million followers on Instagram. Those kinds of numbers are worth celebrating.

actress Salma Hayek boobs wardrobe malfunction
Salma Hayek celebrates 24 Instagram followers (Image Credit: Salma Hayek/Instagram)

Hayek captioned her bathrobe wardrobe malfunction, “24 million followers, 24 million reasons to smile. Thank you all for joining me on this wild ride!”

She continued, “I cannot contain my excitement & gratitude. P.s happy birthday @samanthalopezs.”

The birthday wishes were for Sam L Speranza, a director/photographer/head of contents, according to her bio. Just another reason to dance her way out of a bathrobe.

A growing Instagram following at 56 suggests she’s just now being discovered by some of the younger folks. We’re talking about a level success across multiple generations that is rarely seen. If you’re not up dancing in your bathrobe at that news then nothing is getting you up and moving.

The celebratory dance video was for her followers. Her boobs continuing to fall out was for the lucky few in the room while the video was being taken. She didn’t share those moments on Instagram.

Her excitement at the incredible follower number and the enthusiasm for her fans were the only things that weren’t blurred out in the video.

There’s Very Little Salma Hayek Can’t Do

This is an award winning actress and film producer we’re talking about here. This isn’t just any influencer looking for attention. She’s on a level not many are ever going to reach.

Hayek’s commanding attention without an unblurred boob making an appearance on social media. There’s no need for her to do so these days. She’s a household name.

A household name with a very large, very established fan base. Hayek saves most of her head turning moments for movie premieres. Her game on social media is a simple one with a tone of regular content from her everyday life.

When she does decide to turn things up a tad she shares behind the scenes looks at those previously mentioned head turning moments. Or she slips on a bikini to help welcome bikini season.

It’s still only May, we have a long bikini season ahead of us. There will likely be a few more Hayek in a bikini appearances before the fall rolls around and the season comes to a close. We’ll be here for it every step of the way.

Written by Sean Joseph


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