Ryan Blaney’s Manhood Questioned, NASCAR Wives Enjoy Wine Country, Olivia Dunne Joins Garage, Bubba Wallace Says He’s Treated Differently

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We made our annual trip to wine country over the weekend, which means NASCAR wives got tanked, drivers let loose in robes, and one even got called out for his manhood. True story.

Oh yeah — Sunday’s main event at Sonoma? That kind of sucked. We’re nothing if not honest here, and I have to call it fair. No stage breaks, no real cautions, like three leaders all day and zero drama.

Ain’t exactly my recipe for a road course race, but it is what it is. Can’t all be winners, you know.

Now, NASCAR takes a rare break before we leave FOX and head to NBC for the second half of the season. Oh yeah –looks like Olivia Dunne is gonna meet us in Nashville later this month, too.

What a collaboration. Feel like she’ll do just fine in the Cup garage. Just a hunch.

Yes, Martin Truex Jr. won at Sonoma. I’ve taken a while to get there, but, as I said, yesterday’s race was pretty forgettable.

Not much else to say on MTJ besides, ‘Way to go, big guy.’ Thanks for playing, everyone else!

Let’s see, how in the world am I gonna keep your attention today? Come on, give me a little credit!

We’ll talk about Olivia Dunne, of course. After that, I’ll also expose Kyle Busch for wearing a robe with OG wife Samantha, get tanked with Hooters Gianna, take the wheel with a couple power couple girlfriends, anger everyone with more Bubba Wallace and maybe even talk about some of the action on the track.

Action? Yes, there was some! Ryan Blaney kept getting wrecked and had his manhood questioned. Ty Dillon also dumped someone and got caught red-handed.

OK, enough stalling. It’s an off-week Monday and we have things to do.

Four tires and fuel, Monday Morning Pit-Stop — the ‘Broken Dicks & Robes’ Edition — is LIVE!

Ryan Blaney was a NASCAR punching bag at Sonoma.
NASCAR punching bag Ryan Blaney. (Getty)

Ryan Blaney was a NASCAR punching bag at Sonoma

I reckon we’ll start with Blaney and go from there. Sound good?

Rhino had just an awful day at Sonoma, complete with a car that wouldn’t budge, a pit road speeding penalty, and a forgettable final few laps.

For some reason, everyone was apparently trying to take poor Ryan out towards the end of the race. In fact, our man was wrecked TWICE in the span of one lap, including once by Michael McDowell.

Blaney, of course, was thrilled about it.

Hooters Gianna’s BF, by the way, finished 31st. Yeah, not great!

To make matters worse, he was also the subject (?) of conversation on MTJs radio with about 10 to go.

Well, that’s a new one. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard run like a broke dick before, but I’m obviously gonna put that one in the arsenal moving forward.

Get that broke dick outta the way, I’ve got a race to win! — MTJ, probably.

Hooters Gianna takes on wine country

There’s some sort of joke in there about Blaney’s broken manhood and Gianna Tulio, but I ain’t gonna make it. You’re welcome to, though. Knock yourselves out.

Let’s now pause and take a step back from the track and check in with Gianna, who attacked wine country last week with the vigor we’d all expect.

Now, back to the actual NASCAR action!

Thanks for the update, Gianna! Always appreciate it here at MMPS. Enjoy your week off!

Let’s now head back to Sonoma for some more on-track action — of which there was very, very little.

I did manage to scrounge up a little beef between a pair of scrappy (?) drivers in Ty Dillon and Josh Bilicki.

Did I think this is the bad blood we’d leave Sonoma with? Hell no. But, as I said, yesterday wasn’t exactly a masterclass.

NASCAR wives take the wheel

And, unfortunately, the concludes our on-track portion of today’s recap.

Lucky for you, though, we’ve got some spicy off-track news from our favorite NASCAR wives!

The annual Better Half Dash took place last week, with several OG NASCAR WAGS getting in a Kart for a little $10,000 charity race. Oh, who was there, you ask?

Hooters Gianna, of course. McCall Gaulding. Ryan Blaney’s sister (William Byron’s GF), Erin Blaney. Dancer Jenna Petty — the GF of Harrison Burton.

So, yeah — it was a who’s who of A-list NASCAR stars doing a little wheelin’.

Let’s roll tape!

Kyle Busch in a robe as Samantha celebrates the wine

Unreal picture of Ryan Blaney and Gianna, by the way. Masters shirt and the aviators? ‘Broken dick’ my ass! That man is a winner.

Let’s now head BACK to wine country, where Kyle Busch celebrated his runner-up finish Sunday in a bath robe with an allegedly tanked Samantha Busch.

Love these two.

Great points day, Kyle!

Bubba Wallace calls out double standard from NASCAR fans

Couple quickies on the way out — one that you all will hate, and one you probably won’t!

Let’s start with Bubba Wallace. Yeah, this is the one you’ll probably hate. Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Bubba ain’t exactly a fan favorite here at OutKick.

I’m a big fan, personally, though. Why? Simple. Bubba’s a content machine and never takes his foot off the gas. Whether he’s wrecking the hell out of Kyle Larson and punching his brains out, or flipping the bird on national TV, he’s always grinding.

I love that. NASCAR fans, apparently, do NOT.

I know I sound like a Bubba apologist here, but I’m gonna have to side with him … sort of.

Flipping the bird has been going on for years. Hell, I can remember back in 2001 Dale Earnhardt flipped off Kurt Busch during the Daytona 500. True story — Google it.

Now, did he do it during the FOX post-race interview? No. Not to my knowledge, at least. That’s probably where the difference is, at least in NASCAR’s eyes.

Ultimately, Bubba wasn’t suspended or fined or, frankly, anything. NASCAR let it go, and they were right to do so.

As for you, Bubba, can we quit with the woe is me crap for one week. Just give it a break?

Last week you were calling out Chase Elliott fans, this week you’re pissed because people didn’t like the bird on TV. We get it, there’s a double standard. We know. Let’s move on.

Olivia Dunne on the way to help NASCAR

Finally, on the way out, let’s check in with LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne.

Right now, she’s in Italy. That NIL money must be nice, huh?

In two weeks, though, Dunne said she’ll be on hand in Nashville for her first NASCAR race. Smart move by NASCAR, of course, because Livvy is a content machine and getting her to the track will only help.

Personally, I’d give my right arm for some sort of love affair between Dunne and a driver to come from all of this. You wanna talk about #pageviews — that may take this column all the way to the top.

Come on, Racin’ Gods. Do your thing!

Olivia Dunne headed to first NASCAR race.

Written by Zach Dean

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