Kyle Busch On Fire, NASCAR May Suspend Another Driver, Austin Dillon Fumes, Ross Chastain Does It Again, Hooters Gianna Goes Cowgirl

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Kyle Busch won and NASCAR fans … cheered? I don’t know if they were clapping just because Sunday’s marathon race mercifully ended or if they actually like Rowdy now, but it was still weird either way.

Whew. What a day in St. Louis. We had power outages all over the place, random lightning strikes, billion-hour rain delays, Ross Chastain doing Ross Chastain things and hey, even another hooking!

That’s becoming a weekly tradition this year. We’ll see if NASCAR bends the knee and suspends yet another driver this time around.

Let’s see, what else do we have on tap for everyone today — the first Monday of June? Can I interest you in celebrating Samantha Busch’s 37th birthday? Sure, why the hell not?!

How about Hooters Gianna going cowgirl? Yep, that’ll play.

A little smug Bubba Wallace action? Oh yeah, we can’t NOT have Bubba join the party. It’s tradition.

We also had a pit crew member possibly get hit, and a fan definitely get hit. Head on a swivel whenever you go to the track, you know.

I think that should hold everyone over for a while. Hell, it’ll have to, because I’m coming off a week vacation and am obviously not in a very patient mood today. Perhaps it’s the 9 a.m. alcohol withdrawals?

Four tires and some more wine for Queen Samantha as she celebrates another year on this big, beautiful rock … Monday Morning Pit-Stop — the ‘NASCAR Needs A better Internet Plan’ edition — is LIVE!

Drivers were fuming yet again after Sunday's NASCAR race.
We had plenty of fire at Sunday’s NASCAR race. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Austin Dillon calls for another NASCAR suspension

Might as well start here — if I started with Hooters Gianna and Samantha by the pool, would you really keep reading?

Didn’t think so.

Last year it was Bubba Wallace. Last week it was Chase Elliott. Yesterday, it was … Austin Cindric?

Austin Cindric!

Let’s start with the obvious … what a damn mustache from Austin Dillon! I haven’t really paid much attention over the past few weeks, but man did I miss that bad boy. Easy 10/10.

This, frankly, is why I’m in the let drivers police themselves camp. Are we really going to start calling for suspensions every week now? NASCAR was in a tough spot last week because Chase didn’t exactly try to hide it and he ain’t exactly a low-profile driver, so I get that one.

But I feel like drivers have been knocking the piss out of each other for decades now and the whole suspension thing just started last year. And now we’re going to make it a weekly thing?

Unfortunately, NASCAR set the precedent with Bubba last year, so now they’re sort of backed into a corner. I guess the Safety First corner ain’t a bad one to be in, but it seems a little soft to me.

I probably would’ve cheered for Dale Sr. when he wrecked Terry back at Bristol in ’99, though, so I’m not exactly impartial here.

Ross Chastain is at it again!

That, boys and girls, was back when NASCAR was on top of the damn world. Goodness gracious, this sport used to be must-see TV.

Ross the Boss is doing his damndest to get us back there, though!

Getting Chastained! Haven’t heard that one in while — maybe since Kyle Busch used it last fall? Regardless, we’re obviously here for it. I say it every week — I’m in the #content business, not the feelings business.

If Ross the Boss has to ruffle a few (hundred) feathers along the way to keep me in a job, so be it.

PS: this one doesn’t even make his top 10 most egregious wrecks, either. Yep, Ross has gotten so bad that we now just sort of expect it but don’t even get mad anymore. Love it.

Bubba Wallace takes shot at Chase Elliott fans

If Ross Chastain is NASCAR’s No. 1 content maker, Bubba Wallace is 1A. Good run for Bubba Sunday, too. He was on the cusp of possibly like his fourth straight top-five before blowing up at the end, but he’s been pretty damn steady for about a month now.

Love him or hate him, you have to give him credit. Guy is driving a good race car right now.

His smug level is also in peak form, too. Watch out below, Chase fans!

Chase Elliott fans on Twitter are RUTHLESS. They will eat you up and spit you out so fast your head will spin. Now, try and compare their driver to BUBBA WALLACE and see what happens.

Ain’t pretty. Love it.

By the way, Chase and Bubba’s incidents were 100% the same, and he knows it. What Austin Cindric did Sunday was child’s play compared to those two.

Don’t forget … this is the standard.

NASCAR pit crew member and fan hit during race

That Bubba Wallace hit still gets me every time. So blatant. Jarring.

All right, let’s move on to the action on pit road and in the stands. A tale of two very different moments that could’ve ended poorly.

We’ll start on pit road, where a member of Erik Jones’ crew was apparently knocked out during a stop.

Early reports indicated he was actually hit by Austin Dillon’s car, but none of that turned out to be true. Instead, it sounds like he ran into his own teammate.

How you go from Austin Dillon hit him!, to JK, he ran into own teammate, I’ll never know. Seems like those are two very different visuals. Whatever, though. Hope he’s OK. Don’t like to see the ambulance ever deployed at the track.

While we wait for further news on Thomas Hatcher, we DO have an update from a fan who took on some shrapnel from Noah Gragson’s wreck DURING the race.

He’s OK!

Samantha Busch turns 37 and Kyle Busch keeps her young

Couple quickies before we head out to Sonoma for a little road course racin’.

How about Kyle damn Busch already at three wins before the summer stretch with a brand new team? Why Joe Gibbs Racing thought he was expendable last year I’ll never know. Weird.

Anyway, as I said earlier, Rowdy used to be HATED whenever he won a race, but he’s now morphed into a fan favorite. Seriously, the cheers get louder by the week. I miss villain Kyle Busch, but whatever. That’s what the Ross Chastains and Bubba Wallaces of the world are for, I reckon.

Nice win for Kyle, nice way for Queen Samantha to celebrate turning 37. As you know, we are extremely pro-Samantha Busch around here.

Hooters Gianna Tulio is a NASCAR cowgirl

Pace car rides and a wire-to-wire win on the track from hubby Kyle. Just another day at the track for Samantha Busch. What a life.

The NASCAR WAG game is at an all-time high right now, led by Samantha and Gianna Tulio. Our girl got back in Victory Lane last week at the Coke 600 and celebrated it by riding a horse.

Check and mate, Samantha. Your move.

Off to California (yuck).

Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.


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