Rutgers Soccer Star, The ‘Olivia Dunne Of The Big Ten,’ Plays In The Rain

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Riley Tiernan, the Olivia Dunne of the Big Ten, is now being called the Rain Queen of Piscataway.

Come on, people. Pick a title and stick to it!

The rising soccer star has been on an absolute heater as of late, both on and off the pitch. Away from the game, her social media following has taken off like a rocket (thanks, OutKick!) thanks to some savvy Instagram instincts.

On the field, meanwhile, her game has only gotten better and she recently proved that not even Mother Nature can slow her down.

Rutgers soccer star Riley Tiernan is the Olivia Dunne of the Big Ten.

Riley Tiernan is chasing Olivia Dunne off the pitch

Nothing like playing a little non-American football in the rain! If you’re gonna get wet, you might as well dominate — and that’s exactly what the Olivia Dunne of the Big Ten has been doing at Rutgers.

Tiernan, a junior, has been coming for a few months now, but she appears to be full-go with schools around the country now back in session. OutKick first identified Livvy’s latest challenger earlier this month, and the 5-8 forward responded by announcing her latest NIL deal.

Why was that news, you ask? Well, Riley Tiernan teamed up with Adidas ahead of the new season, pumping out new content on her Instagram and TikTok to promote the brand.

Meanwhile, Olivia Dunne is very much in the Nike camp over at LSU.

Game on, from Piscataway!

Tiernan had a big summer on social media, growing her following little by little ahead of her third season at Rutgers. She recently surpassed 40k followers on Instagram to go along with nearly 125k on TikTok.

May seem like pennies on the dollar compared to Olivia Dunne — who has well over a million on both — both you have to start somewhere.

That was all before the season, though. Now that Tiernan and the Rutgers women have started play — they’re off to a 4-2-2 start — the sky is the limit.

Rain or shine.

Written by Zach Dean

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