Russell Wilson Awkwardly Congratulates Geno Smith For Winning Comeback Player Award

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Russell Wilson is nothing if not awkward, and we have to file this latest tweet under the ‘extremely awkward’ category, even for Mr. Unlimited.

Wilson took to Twitter on Friday to congratulate Geno Smith – the QB who replaced him, and excelled, in Seattle this season – for being voted the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year by NFL on FOX fans.

Congrats, 7!

Russell Wilson reaches out to Geno Smith for no reason at all


Why? Why in the world did Russ feel the need to say anything? For starters, he didn’t even win the actual award! Sorry, but a fan-vote on FOX means nothing.

Great company, though!

Again, why did Russell Wilson feel the need to congratulate Geno Smith? I don’t get it. You know you’re just setting yourself up to get shredded by guys like me, right?

You think I enjoy writing Russell Wilson hit pieces in February?! No. But he just makes it so damn easy.

Russell Wilson congratulates Geno Smith.
Russell Wilson makes it so easy sometimes.

What a nine months it’s been for Mr. Unnnnnnnnlimited, too.

From the ‘Let’s Ride’ nonsense last summer, to the overly-optimistic press conferences after not scoring a touchdown, to the airplane aerobics, to terrible Subway commercials and getting chewed out on the sidelines.

Just a brutal stretch for Russ.

On top of it all, Geno Smith was resurrecting his career in Seattle by leading the Seahawks to the playoffs while Wilson was getting his coach fired in Denver.

Not great.

Congrats, though, 7!

Written by Zach Dean

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