Roy Jones Jr. Wants Back In Boxing Ring…Against A Celebrity

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The boxing world continues to be a joke. We now have one-time boxing great Roy Jones Jr. demanding to fight a celebrity in his return to the ring.

How there is still money coming in for sideshows like this is beyond me. These pseudo-fights have become so oversaturated, so pathetic and just a mockery of the sport.

The now 53-year-old former four weight-class champion has signed a deal with Celebrity Boxing that will put him in the ring against either a social media influencer or a celebrity.

This is SO dumb that I hate even contributing to promoting it.

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Roy Jones Jr. is going to absolutely LEVEL anyone who comes into the ring. The dude is one of the greatest fighters in the world. You know who isn’t? Any damn influencer or a celebrity of any kind.

Celebrity Boxing is just the latest entertainment promotion to get involved in the faux-boxing game. They are famously known for putting LAMAR ODOM against AARON CARTER for God knows what reason. Personally I forgot this “fight” even happened and I just ruined my day by remembering it.


The rise of pseudo-boxing fights comes down to former YouTuber turned boxing Jake Paul. He pretty much single-handedly brought attention to these types of fights that have seen him and his brother box everyone from former NBA player Nate Robinson to MMA fighters like Ben Askren.

The last time Roy Jones Jr. “boxed” was against Mike Tyson back in 2020 in an amateur match. Admittedly, I did purchase that but mainly because it was Mike Tyson and I was hoping that he would go absolutely bonkers. Instead, the two went 8 rounds with no knockdowns and then Mike blazed a joint afterwards.

Oh, and Snoop Dogg was on commentary.

Every few weeks I’m writing about how this celeb wants to fight this one, or someone thinks that they can box a UFC fighter, or let’s settle scores in the boxing ring with gloves rather than how real people do it – with their hands.

When Draymond Green knocked out his Warriors teammate Jordan Poole, Jake Paul immediately reached out on Twitter and offered Green $10 million to fight on his boxing promotion. He wasn’t kidding either.

Look, I’m a capitalist at heart and I love seeing a fight just like anyone else. But not like this. When Evander Holyfield returned to the ring for an amateur boxing fight, it nearly killed him and caused the Thriller promotion to halt any future exhibition matches.

If Roy Jones Jr. wants to fight again, then have it at least be against a boxer. Or here’s an idea, how about just don’t do it at all.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.

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