Ronald Acuña Jr. Takes Tumble After Getting Overly Excited To Take Advantage Of New MLB Rules

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Ronald Acuna Jr. was a little overzealous in his first attempt to take advantage of the new rules implemented by the MLB during the offseason. It resulted in an embarrassing trip and fall between the bases, but he recovered nicely!

In an effort to speed up the length of nine innings, Major League Baseball has altered the way in which the game is played. Although most of the conversation surrounds the pitch clock, batboys and batgirls are also on the hot seat.

The new rules are working thus far, but the question is — at what cost?!

Of the more niche rules that were added during the offseason, a limit was placed on the amount of times that a pitcher can throw back to first base. Where a pitcher could set up on the mound and throw over to first as many times as he wanted in the past, he gets only three attempts in the new era.

And on the third step-off, the pitcher must get the out or the runner has to advance. If not, the pitcher will be charged with a balk.

As a result of this rule, base-runners are going to be a lot quicker to try and steal a base after two pickoff attempts. Pitchers will be a lot less likely to throw back a third time.

Ronald Acuña Jr. was all over it on Opening Day!

Nationals starter Patrick Corbin tried to keep the Braves superstar at bay with two pickoff attempts. After the second, Acuna was off to the races.

His head was just a little bit too fast for his feet, so he took a tumble. Fortunately, Acuna saved himself some embarrassment, recovered without any issues, got back to first, and stole a bag on the next pitch.

Ronald Acuna is back!

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