MLB Batboys, Batgirls On Hot Seat After New Rules Implemented To Try And Speed Up Pace Of Play

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Major League Baseball has officially put its batboys and batgirls on the hot seat. If they aren’t quick enough at their job, they could be out of there faster than Lou Piniella after a blown call at second base!

As is well known by now, the MLB implemented new rules surrounding its pitch clock in an effort to speed up the pace of play. It has led to an interesting, but very effective rollout during spring training.

There have been half innings faster than one pitch from a year ago.

Pitchers have recorded strikeouts in less than 30 seconds.

Batters have drawn strikes because they took too long.

Some players want to get rid of the new rules, but they have served their purpose. It sounds like they are here to stay.

On one hand, we are prepared to make adjustments based on input. On the other hand, we want to give it a chance to see how it plays out exactly over a period of adjustment in some regular-season games before we make any significant alterations.

— commissioner Rob Manfred on Tuesday

Players on the joint competition committee between the MLBPA and MLB requested a better understanding of the new rules. If they’re going to stick around, players need to know everything that is and isn’t allowed, exactly.

In response, the league issued a memo on Wednesday.

The MLB memo focused on clarification.

According to Jeff Passan, the memo most importantly addressed how the league is changing replay review for potential violations of the infield shift ban. It wants to avoid teams issuing challenges with hopes that one of the four infielders was on the outfield grass. The memo said that on batted balls, only the positioning of the defender that fielded the batted ball can be challenged.

It also addressed PitchCom malfunctions, brushback pitchers and “big swings,” pitcher positioning when they are away from the mound, leniency for catchers, and hitter timeouts.

In addition, the memo targeted batgirls and batboys. They are going to need to be on at their best or they will be replaced.

New standards will be enforced for bat boys and bat girls, whose ability to quickly retrieve equipment will help efforts to speed up the game, according to the memo. The league will evaluate the performances of bat boys and bat girls and could ask teams to replace them if their performance is considered substandard.

via Jeff Passan

You got that? If you don’t move fast enough, you’re out. See ya. Hit the road!

The MLB wants to keep the game moving. It’s implementing new rules to speed things up.

Is a young boy or girl taking an extra second to get back to the dugout really the issue here? Is that really the most egregious cause for slow games? Apparently so.

Major League baseball is not showing any mercy. Pick up the pace or get out!

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