Riley Gaines Shares Perfect Response To Moronic State Representative After Zero Democrats Vote For Protection Of Women And Girls In Sports Act

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House lawmakers recently passed the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act despite not one Democrat voting in favor of the bill that will keep women from having to compete against transgender athletes (biological men). Riley Gaines had the perfect response to the situation, particularly to one Democratic State Representative.

State Rep. Glenn Ivey of Maryland is made it clear that he is siding with the biological boys and men destroying women’s sports with a ludicrous tweet after the bill was passed by the House.


According to Ivey, the bill would “mean the forced inspection of student-athletes, which is an egregious violation of a student’s personal dignity.”

Gaines, the former NCAA champion swimmer who was forced to compete against biological male Lia Thomas, put Ivey in his place with a simple use of common sense.

Checking birth certificates isn’t an “egregious violation of a student’s personal dignity,” forcing girls to share locker rooms with transgender athletes before competing against them certainly is though.

Gaines has become the most important and influential voice in the fight to save women’s sports. The former Kentucky swimmer was met by a mob after a speaking event at San Francisco State University where she said that she feared for her life in that moment.

Riley Gaines Speaks On The ‘Transgender Movement’

Gaines recently spoke with former Michigan Governor candidate Tudor Dixon and laid out what she is seeing with the transgender movement.

“There are many feminists who thought, ‘Let’s be kind. Let’s be inclusive, you know. We want to include these people.’ Now, two years in, we see how this is harmful but it’s got to the point to where now, not only are these trans rights activists, they’re not fighting for equal rights,” Gaines explained.

“They don’t want equal rights. That’s not what they want. They want to take away our rights, and be superior and have more rights.”

Gaines isn’t going anywhere, she will continue to fight the good fight and stand up for women’s rights both on and off the playing field.

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  1. Any politician who votes to allow dudes to participate in women’s sports as a “woman”. never played sports. And if they did then they were never elite. Jeez. I’m stunned we are even having to deal with this bullish-t.

  2. If a man walks into a shower full of women, he gets arrested. If a man who is pretending to be a woman walks into a shower full of women, the women are bigots for objecting. That is the Democratic Party’s version of “Women’s Rights.”

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