Riley Gaines: Transgender Activists Don’t Want Equal Rights, They Want To Take Women’s Rights

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Riley Gaines believes the transgender movement has nothing to do with equality.

The former Kentucky swimmer has become arguably the most important voice in the fight to save women’s sports. And it’s come at a cost.

She was met by an irate mob that turned violent while speaking at San Francisco State University. Simply supporting women’s sports is an excuse for some people to attack and harass you.

Now, she believes the transgender movement has gone way too far when it comes to oppressing others.

Riley Gaines calls out transgender movement for crushing women’s rights.

“There are many feminists who thought, ‘Let’s be kind. Let’s be inclusive, you know. We want to include these people.’ Now, two years in, we see how this is harmful but it’s got to the point to where now, not only are these trans rights activists, they’re not fighting for equal rights. They don’t want equal rights. That’s not what they want. They want to take away our rights, and be superior and have more rights,” Gaines said during an interview with former Michigan Republican governor candidate Tudor Dixon.

Gaines also stated the situation is a “perfect example of what happens when you give an inch. They take a mile.”

This isn’t the first time Gaines has been vocal about women’s sports being crushed and rights being destroyed.

She recently called out the Biden administration for not doing enough to protect women’s sports. Her comments came in response to a Lia Thomas video demanding blanket protections for transgender athletes at all levels of competition.

Gaines refuses to back down.

The outspoken former Kentucky swimmer faced a violent mob at San Francisco State, and while that might scare some people off, Gaines isn’t one of them.

In fact, she appears more hellbent on fighting to protect women’s sports. Gaines has gone after the Biden administration, Lia Thomas and the transgender movement as a whole, claiming it seeks to restrict women’s rights.

From a sports perspective, it’s hard to argue she’s wrong. A woman can spend her whole life training, and a biological male can come in and wipe the floor with her. That’s exactly what happened with Lia Thomas in the pool.

Riley Gaines claims transgender movement is about crushing women. (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s crystal clear at this point that Riley Gaines isn’t going anywhere. She’ll continue to speak out as long as there are people who support biological males in women’s sports. That takes a lot of courage in 2023.

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